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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Aux 3 Petits Cochons, Metz, France

IMG_2580During my last stay in France, I went with my parents to Aux 3 Petits Cochons. This cute restaurant is located in the Sainte Thérèse district, not very far away from Metz’s city center. The staff is very friendly, the service can be a bit slow when it’s crowded but that’s understandable.
One of their specialities is meat cooked on hot stone. Some days of the week you can get an all-you-can-eat formulas. You get raw meat and cook it yourself, you get also fries, bread and tartare as much as you want. Both the beef and chicken are delicious, very high quality for the meat. Nice sauces and tasty tartare.
For starter, we had a Flammenküche to share and it was quite good.
It’s really a nice adress.



IMG_2581 IMG_2583

IMG_2584 IMG_2585


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Schneeweißchen & Rosenrot: Waffle brunch!

rosenrot2I have heard many good things about Schneeweißchen & Rosenrot and been told the brunch was great. It is a very nice brunch place indeed. Very friendly staff, nice choice of drinks, a glass of prosecco or fresh pressed orange juice included, a large buffet with hot and cold, mainly German cuisine, sweet and savoury and the big plus: you can bake your own waffles ! I liked their brunch and will certainly go back, also to try the lunch or diner options.

The restaurant is very cute, quite charming and is located very close to U Eberswalder Straße.

rosenrot3 rosenrot1

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Ta’Cabrón, Mexican taquería in Kreuzberg

tacabronI recently discovered the nice taquería Ta’ Cabrón and already went a couple of times, it’s located on Skalitzer Straße, between Schlesi and Görli and it could become my cantine when I’m working in the area. The place is small but you can also eat outside, the staff is very nice, I got to chat with the cook which is very friendly.
I have a low tolerance to spices so this is probably the highest level of hotness I can handle, thus I did not use the sauces they sometimes give you. Although, some of the colleagues I went with did not find it that spicy. Even if it’s so hot I can feel my face turning red, it’s really delicious and some dishes are quite original. I tried the intriguing enmoladas, which is either chicken or potatoes in tortilla with soft cheese and cream covered with chocolate chili sauce, it was quite interesting, not bad at all and very hot. I also tried the quesadillas with minced beef and they were excellent too. They have mainly meat options but also a decent choice of vegetarian dishes, some could be made vegan too.
That was a nice discovery indeed.

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San Lorenzo, Metz, France

IMG_2556This nice Italian restaurant is conveniently located in the city center of Metz.
I went to San Lorenzo a couple of years ago and remember tasty pizzas. I went back recently and it was quite nice. Friendly staff, service quite quick, I had the beef carpaccio with foie gras and fries, it was very nice, although the bread served isn’t the best to go with foie gras. For dessert, I had home made profiteroles, they were excellent. My friend had salmon pasta and amarena ice cream cup and was happy about it.
The prices are ok.



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Oderquelle, decent German food in Prenzlauer Berg

oderquelle (1)I recently went to try the German restaurant Oderquelle, located close to Mauer Park.

While looking for a good German restaurant, the name of this place poped up a few times and they have nice reviews. They serve indeed nice food, nothing mindblowing but tasty food, not expensive and the service is very friendly.
I have to admit I was quite skeptic when I got my “Elsäßige” Flammkuchen since it’s round and served on a normal plate, real Alsatian Flammkuchen is more a rectangle and served on wooden plate, but it was not bad. As a starter I tried the “Handkäse mit Musik” very romantic name for a kind of marinated cheese, very interesting. I was so happy to see this on the menu since I struggled with this name while doing a translation, well now I know what it looks and tastes like!
All in all a positive experience.

oderquelle (2) oderquelle (3)

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Chicken-mozza puffs

10835126_10206652747664160_4908831255588857622_oSome time ago, I was trying to get my meals a bit more exciting and got inspired by looking into my fridge and my cupboard and ended up making some tasty chicken-mozza puffs.

I don’t really know the quantities, it was free-style and could do 2 servings. I took a nice chicken breast, diced it and marinated it with lime juice and spices for fajita before frying it. While the chicken was frying and the oven pre-heating on 200°C, I took 2/3 of a roll of puff pastry and cut it into 4 squares. I put some creme fraiche on the pastry, then the chicken and a nice slice of mozzarella. I closed the puffs and put it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes.