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La Cantine d’Augusta, French cheese and charcuterie paradise in Schöneberg

augusta (3)I have been wanting to go to La Cantine d’Augusta for ages. I often saw the photos of their plates on FB and it was really mouthwatering, so I went there to try. They’re located in Schöneberg, very close to U Kleistpark or S Julius Leber Brücke. The staff is very friendly, the place is small so it can be recommanded to book, it’s an hybrid between shop and restaurant, it’s quite cosy. They sell French products (mainly cheeses, charcuterie and wines) but you can also eat on the spot. They have few hot dishes, but I went for a cheese and charcuterie plate, it was delicious, high quality products. Their raclette is also a hit. Their desserts are to die for too, I had an apricot-chocolate pie, sooooo good.
The hard thing there is to choose! I def wanna go back to try their brunch too and for some shopping.

augusta (1) augusta (2)

augusta (4) augusta (5)

augusta (6)


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Les Filles du Boucher, Metz, France

boucher (5)While on visit to my family in Metz, I went with a friend to Les Filles du Boucher, a place my parents highly recommanded. It’s not located in the center but not too far either, funny for me as I used to go to the primary school on the other side of the road.
We were warmly welcomed, the staff is very friendly. I went for all duck, foie gras for starter, with fleur de sel, home made, delicious! Then a nice duck breast, cooked (like all meat) on wood fire, very interesting flavour, I loved it! My friend had beef carpaccio and a piece of beef (which I tasted and can tell it was good) and was very happy about it. For dessert, I went for the chocolate cake, really tasty.

It’s a very nice place with reasonable price, I might go back on my next visit in Metz.

boucher (1) boucher (2)

boucher (3) boucher (4)

boucher (7) boucher (8)

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Kauf Dich Glücklich

IMG_2540Some time ago, a friend took me to a very nice place in Prenzlauer Berg. Close to U Eberswalder Straße, on Oderbergerstr., you can find the small café Kauf Dich Glücklich, kinda means Buy your hapiness.

They serve ice creams, waffles, crepes (but not on week-ends), hot and cold drinks and cocktails. The place is very cosy, the staff extremely friendly. I had a waffle with hot raspberries and ice cream which was excellent. Also had a kind of caipirinha, but with white rhum since they were out of cachaça. It was still quite nice.

Very cool atmosphere, nice music, I really liked this place and will for sure go back.

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Crêpes and galettes at Suzette Berlin

suzette (6)I was craving for some galettes and crepes and started looking for a good creperie in Berlin, Suzette appeared in lot of my searches, the reviews were great so I went with a couple of friends and had a lovely evening! The savoury galettes are huge and tasty, the sweet crepes as well. There are several options for vegetarians but I had the Savoyarde which was perfect! Everyone of us was happy with their choice. For dessert I went for L’Antillaise with banana, chocolate and rhum on fire, excellent!
The staff is extremly friendly, I talked a bit with the cook and turned out we studied in the same city, what a small world. Might not be relevant to other guests I imagine. 😉

Anyway, great place, warm and cosy, I will def go back!

suzette (1) suzette (2)

suzette (3) suzette (4)

suzette (5) suzette (7)

suzette (8) suzette (9)

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Beef Bar Junior, Luxemburg

beefbar (1)I am currently visiting my relatives in France, about 10 days ago I landed in Luxemburg, having some friends working there I met one of them for lunch. We went to the Beef Bar Junior, located in the shopping mall Auchan on the Kirchberg in Luxemburg City.

As its name suggests it, it’s specialised in beef. It’s not very big so be sure to book, it’s cosy and the staff is quite friendly. They have some lunch specials as well as à la carte menu. I went for one of their lunch specials and had the Beef-Grill plate: 450g of beef (3 pieces of black Angus) and corn fries. It also comes with a salad and a glass of wine (that I changed into water ^^). The service was quite quick and the beef was perfectly cooked, rare just I asked it. The meat is tender and full of taste, excellent. The corn fries are also quite nice.

As for the prices, it can seem expensive, but well worth the quality!

beefbar (2)

Le Saint Amour, French delights in Neukölln

saintamour (2)After hearing so many good things about Le Saint Amour, I finally got to go and it was well worth it! It’s located in Neukölln, on Maybachufer, half-way between U Schönleinstraße and U Kottbusser Tor.

The place is tiny but cosy, the staff very friendly, menu is not very big but still hard to choose from (unless you don’t eat meat, then the choice is slim). I first had the saucisson brioché, so delicious. The Tournedos then was tender and extremly tasty, the best piece of beef I ever had in Berlin. It came with a vegetable flan and some gratin dauphinois which was brilliant as well. Some of my friends had the raviolis gratin and loved it.
For dessert, I had the fondant chocolat, very melty and delicious. According to other guests, the creme brûlée (flambée at the table) was also nice.

For the quality of the food and the great service you get, I think the prices are totally ok. A place I’ll for sure go back to.

saintamour (1) saintamour (3)

saintamour (4) saintamour (5)

saintamour (6) saintamour (8)

saintamour (7)