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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Nalu Diner

IMG_1090I have been hearing about Nalu¬†for a while, especially from people coming from the US. I’ve heard their breakfast was a hit. So far, I’ve been there only for dinner and it was great. Super service, they bring you a glass of water when you arrive, free refill for coffee and home made limonade/icedtea/icedcoffee. They serve breakfast all day long, one of my friend had a pancake plate and liked it a lot. I had a cheeseburger with extra bacon and fries instead of chips. It was really tasty, loved it! The milkshake I had was also very good. Burgers come in a small and cute plastic basket. Service is great, staff friendly, nice atmosphere, I do have to go back to try the breakfast and other stuffs.

EDIT: I later went for breakfast, had a plate with delicious pancakes, tasty scramble eggs and crispy bacon, it’s def woth it as well. ūüôā

IMG_1087 IMG_1086 IMG_1088 IMG_1089 IMG_1092 IMG_1091 IMG_1093 IMG_1094 IMG_1095 IMG_1096


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No Valentine

49709970One year, I was in France and everyone was going on and on about Valentine’s day. I was single, I am¬†still/again¬†and even if I wasn’t, I still would not celebrate that holiday, just not my stuff. So I stayed home, alone, ordered a pizza, watched a Disney movie and made myself a cocktail. I looked at what I had at hand and started creating a new cocktail that I called No Valentine (sooo creative, right? :D)

So, in a shaker, I put:

– 6cl vodka

– 6 cl white rhum

– 6 cl Malibu

– 12 cl pineapple juice

– 12 cl grapefruit juice

– a dash of sugar cane syrup

– a dash of lime syrup

– ice

I shaked it well and could serve 4 cups with it. Really tasty!

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Massai, an African experience

IMG_1067Since I moved to Berlin 4 years ago, I’ve been seing some advertisements for Massai at the metro station Eberswalder Stra√üe and always thought I should check it out. It’s located on Lychener Stra√üe, close to the station then.
A friend who had been there organised a get together there with other friends, I of course said yes.

The decoration is very nice, reall into theme, the staff is friendly and the menu very interesting, with meat and vegetarian options.

IMG_1071I first had some dumpling filled with ground beef with ananas-pepper sauce, was quite good but a little spicy to my taste. I then went for some ostridge with plamnuss sauce, very tasty and somewhat spicy as well. A friend had some zebra, I tasted it and it was delicious as well. Might be my choice next time I go there! It was really a nice and interesting experience, no wonder they’ve been around for so long.


IMG_1069 IMG_1072 IMG_1074 IMG_1075 IMG_1076 IMG_1078 IMG_1081 IMG_1082 IMG_1083

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Kimchi, Strassen, Luxembourg

kimchi3Kimchi offers both Corean and Japanese food and is worth a visit. Staff is extremly friendly and you feel warmly welcome. I got to try some of skewers, very tasty, especially the beef/cheese ones. The corean BBQ is also very good, tasty meat you grill on the table. My friends also had sushis and sashimis and were delighted. The prices are really fair, especially for the quality you get.

It was my very 1st time for Korean and Japanese food, I did not try sushis since I don’t like fish, but I was really positively surprised!


kimchi1 kimchi2 kimchi4 kimchi5

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Mondo Sardo, Sardinia in Berlin

IMG_1048Mondo Sardo is located in Winsstraße 1 in Prenzlauer Berg.

I twice passed by that restaurant, the owner greeted us friendly as we were walking by. It looked interesting and saw it was Sardinian, I went to Sardinia a couple of years ago and loved the food there.

So I booked a table and went there with a couple of friends.We could enjoy the nice terrace, were warmly welcomed, got a small potatoe salad and some bread for starter for free. A friend wanted risotto, they were out of it but managed to prepare something delicious for him. Another friend had fish and was very happy about it as well. The rest of us got curligionis, a kind of ravioli filled with potatoe and mint, served with tomato sauce and parmigianno. That was one of the Sardinian specialities I really liked over there. It was very tasty.
I then had a plate of cheese, nice big plate, good but I couldn’t finish it. My friends had some desserts and were happy with it then.

The owner is very friendly, speaks mostly Italian, talks a lot, you feel really welcomed in that cute small restaurant.

So it was a very nice experience, not too expensive, nice service,nice atmosphere. I’ll def go back!

IMG_1049 IMG_1050 IMG_1052 IMG_1053

IMG_1057 IMG_1060

IMG_1061 IMG_1062

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Villa Rodizio

IMG_1026I had often heard about the Brazilian BBQ and always wanted to try it out. Then, I saw an ad for Villa Rodizio in Prenzlauer Berg which had mostly good reviews. Some revierwers pointed it it wasn’t authentical Brazilian Rodizio but still was good.

So as a meat lover, I got the Rodizio formula. For 25‚ā¨, you get unlimited access to buffet and 10 meats, 1 being a surprise. The buffet is nice if you like salads and vegetable, so little option for me, but I was there for the meat. By the way, they have a all-you-can-eat formula for the buffet for 10‚ā¨. I tried most of the meats, all IMG_1028delicious, the waiter comes with the meat on a spike and cut it at the table. I passed the lamb and the chorizo. The surprised meat was chicken heart, I also passed. For dessert, there was hot banana with chocolate as well as flambed grilled ananas. It was a very nice experience!

They also serve Argentinian steaks and Mexican food that seemed pretty tasty as well.

Service is very nice, friendly staff, nice terrace, really a good adress.


IMG_1029 IMG_1027 IMG_1030 IMG_1031 IMG_1032 IMG_1033 IMG_1034 IMG_1037 IMG_1038


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Belushi’s, cool sport bar in Mitte

belushi (4)Belushi’s is located next to Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, it’s a hostel and a sport bar and has also a big room downstairs that some people rent out for bg parties (I celebrated my 1st NYE in Berlin there). The bar itself is quite big, lots of screens everywhere, I happened to go and watch ice-hockey and rugby there.

But you don’t need to be sport enthousiast to enjoy this place, well of course if there’s a big sport event going on, expect lots of people and a hot atmosphere. A friend actually got me to go during the Soccer World Cup and I had to suffer the end of a game, but she said magic words to me: cocktails and burgers!

They have a small cocktail menu but they’re great and you can have most of them in a pitcher. The burgers are fantastic! I love the blue cheese burger with crispy bacon and blue cheese, and delicious beef patty!


belushi (1)