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Serrano: Fancy Peruvian restaurant

serrano (2)Serrano, in Wilmersdorf – close to U Uhlandstraße, was really a nice discovery. High class Peruvian cuisine. The menu is originally arranged, not by starters/mains but traditionnal/from the Andes/modern. The staff is very friendly, the athmosphere is very nice, very nice place.
I had the tamal de pollo (Cooked in banana leaves maize meal bag stuffed with chicken and red onion salad), it was delicious, as well as the mango cream for dessert. All the guests were happy with their food, apparently they serve the best ceviche in town.
A bit pricey and small portions, but still worth it due to the high quality of food.

serrano (3) serrano (4)

serrano (5) serrano (6)

serrano (7) serrano (1)

serrano (8)


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Zur Rose

I recently went to Zur Rosezur rose (1), by Rosenthaler Platz, for a late breakfast and was delighted. The place is really nice, cosy athmosphere, very friendly staff.
I had the “Sattes Frühstück” big breakfast plate and I was indeed full after that, the ingredients are of good quality and I even had hot bread, so nice. My friend loves their scramble eggs, I need to try them next time. The whole menu seems interesting, gotta go back there for lunch/dinner.

zur rose (2) zur rose (3)

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Königs Gustav, Sassnitz, Germany

IMG_2861I recently went for a short trip on the wonderful island Rügen, in the Baltic Sea, I visited a few restaurants there and this is one place where I really had a nice dinner.

Shortly after my arrival in Sassnitz, I looked on Trip Advisor for some good local restaurants and it looked like König Gustav was quite a good one, plus it was very close to my hotel so I went there and sat on their lovely terrace.
I first had the Mecklenburg style chicken breast with mashed potatoes and honey-mustard cream sauce, really tasty. Meklenburg, because Rügen is part of the Meklenburg-Vorpommern Land. For dessert I tried their speciality, the Norvegian Iceberg: meringue base, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and krokant; served with hot raspberries and more krokant. It was wonderful, my tastebuds were extremely happy!

Even if the waiter forgot me at the end (he told me so when I went in to pay, but I am quiet and on my own, I can get it^^), he was very friendly, service was reasonably quick and prices were ok. I can only recommand this place.

IMG_2863 IMG_2866

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Les Valseuses, French delights in Prenzlauer Berg

valseuses (1)The French restaurant Les Valseuses (located in Prenzlauer Berg, close to U Eberswalder Straße) was highly recommended to me, especially for their steaks. They have a small fixed menu, with a few starters and the beef (rumpsteak, entrecote and tartare), plus starters and mains and desserts that change daily, although I think the chocolate fondant is always there.

I was very warmly welcomed, the staff is extremely friendly. The waiter was kind enough to make me a special (uncomplicated) cocktail (Tequila Sunrise) whereas they normally do only long drinks. I had the duck rillettes as a starter, surprisingly a bit spicy but still very tasty. Then, I went for an entrecote with blue cheese sauce… Cooked perfectly, very bloody as I wanted it, very tender, excellent meat. To end this perfect dinner I had the chocolate fondant, a bit salty, which is usually not my thing but still delicious. My friends also loved the swordfish starter, the beef tartare and the vegetarian dish (polenta and aspergus). Prices are very fair, service is good. An very nice discovery.

valseuses (2) valseuses (3)

valseuses (4) valseuses (5)

valseuses (6) valseuses (7)

valseuses (8) valseuses (9)

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Gorki Park, Russian flavours in Berlin

gorki (3)I had no idea what Russian food was really like before going to Gorki Park (a Russian restaurant close to U Rosenthaler Platz), I mean apart from blinis, caviar and vodka. It was a really nice discovery. I of course 1st had a house vodka which was great. Then my friend and I got variations of Pelmini and another kind of dumplings. I got the Pelmini, the small ones, fried, fulled with cheese or potatoe or minced meat (pork and beef), all were delicious, along with nice cream and tomatoe sauces. My friend had the big fried dumplings, one with cheese (pretty tasty too) and with lamb minced meat (I did not taste this one since I don’t like lamb but she was pretty happy about it). For dessert, I had a nice caramel vodka and sweet blini with ice cream and chocolate sauce, I kinda expected small blinis but it was more like crepes and were good anyway.
The service is good, the staff very friendly, the set up quite cosy, really a nice place. I def wanna go back, I’d love to try their blinis and their breakfast sounds great as well.

gorki (2) gorki (4)

gorki (1)

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Standard, Serious pizza

standardThe search for good pizzas in Berlin can be hard, I’ve been recommanded to try Standard and they indeed have very good pizza, a bit bready though but quite tasty with good quality toppings. The selection is small but enough, the staff is quite friendly, service not too long. I had the Napolitan salami pizza, topped with pecorino, after that I was full since the dough is kinda bready. They also have white pizzas, which doesn’t seem to be that common around here.