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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Auberge de Varize, Varize, France

IMG_3863Last time I was in France, we went to L’Auberge de Varize for a family dinner. It is located at the exit of a village called Varize, about 20 km East of Metz, on the road towards Boulay and Saarlouis. You need a car to get there but they can also arrange accomodation in the village.

The place is quite cozy, the staff is very friendly and the menu is very interesting. They have very nice formulas for very fair prices, most of us had the Menu Gourmet, with starter, main, cheese and dessert for only €35. I first had the home made foie gras which was excellent, those who had the smoked salmon or the scallops were also satisfied. Then, I chose the beef filet, the meat was very tender, delicious and cooked rare, just IMG_3868as I wished, it went with a nice roquefort sauce and fries. Other guests had kidneys with potatoes, crayfish ravioli or another fish dish, everyone was satisfied. The small cheese plate was very nice, with a munster not too strong. For dessert, I had a Dame Blanche (vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, hot chocolate sauce), it was nice but too big, the crème brûlée, the profiteroles and the Café Gourmand (coffee with mini sized desserts) were also much appreciated.

They also do home made burgers that look very tasty, maybe I’ll try them if we ever go back. They also have a nice menu for kids, little ones can choose between burgers, nuggets or poultry vol au vent with a variety of sides to choose from, plus a choice between different desserts.

All in all, it’s a very nice place where you can eat very good food for a very decent price.

IMG_3865 IMG_3869



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Le Potager, Nancy, France

IMG_3838I recently went to Nancy and had a nice dinner at Le Potager with some friends.
Being originally from the region, that’s the “Lorraine specialties” that got me interested.
We went there and were lucky enough to get the last free table inside, it can be a good idea to book.
This small restaurant is located in the old town, close to Place Stanislas.
The staff is very friendly and the decoration lovely.
I had some home made foie gras first, very nice. Then I had one of the baked cheeses (reblochon) with potatoes and cold cuts, all ingredients are high qualizy. One of my friends had the pâté lorrain (local pastry with minced meat and other stuffs inside) and the other one a tartine, kind of oven toasted slice of bread with cheese, ham and salad. For dessert, I had the mirabelle gratin and a friend a small selection of their desserts, mini sized. We were all very satisfied, food is very tasty and prices not high.

IMG_3836 IMG_3837

IMG_3839 IMG_3840

IMG_3842 IMG_3844


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El Borriquito, a bit of Spain in Berlin

borriquito (2)El Borriquito is a Spanish restaurant located in Charlottenburg, close to Savigny Platz.

We went there for a birthday dinner. Although we had booked a table, we still had to wait a bit before getting seated, they seemed a bit confused, the place is nicely decorated, it was packed so it was hard to move around and it was pretty hot, so don’t wear clothes too warm. The staff was very friendly, the menu was really interesting. We first had a complementary kind of rosé wine glass and a plate with a sort of vegetable/fish salad and some chorizo with bread.

borriquito (1)The portions are huge, almost none of us got to finish their plates, the tapas plate for 1 person could feed 2 and is mainly fish. I had a plate of Spanish ham which was very nice. I also had a tortilla, for me, if you say Spanish tortilla with no other mentions, it’s “just” a kind of potatoe omelett, but I was disappointed to see they put vegetables in it, so I could not eat it. That was the 1st time I had a tortilla with vegetables so I guess they should mention it on the menu.

Otherwise it was overall a nice dinner experience, prices are quite low for the quantity and quality you get.

borriquito (3) borriquito (4)

borriquito (5) borriquito (6)

borriquito (7) borriquito (8)

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Speisehaus, German food in Simon-Dach Kiez

speisehaus (2)While looking for a nice German restaurant, Speisehaus came up often and I recently went with friends to try it. It is located in Friedrichshain, near Simon-Dach-Straße and close to the Warschauer Straße station.

The place is nice and cosy, the staff is very friendly and the menu quite hard to choose from. There was so many interesting dishes and I ended up having a veal schnitzel with roasted potatoes and a fried egg. The schnitzel is enormous and very tasty. Some of us had soup, salad, fish, pork stomach,… We were all satisfied. Dessert is good as well, I had a very good brownie with sour cherries, the pancakes and the grütze were also nice according to those who had them.

This is really a nice place, prices are fair, I can really recommand it.


speisehaus (3) speisehaus (4)

speisehaus (5) speisehaus (6)

speisehaus (7) speisehaus (8)

speisehaus (1)

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Deli’Meat, Thionville, France

delimeat (1)While visiting my home region, I went for a night out in Thionville with a friend and knowing I’m a huge meat lover he took me to Deli’Meat, a very nice restaurant.
The terrace was very nice, it’s inside a courtyard in the pedestrian zone, so no car traffic at all, they’re specialized in meat cooked on stone (cook yourself) and have some fancy meats like kanguru and zebra. All meats can also be ordered cooked on the grill (by the cook). I first had the local cold cut plate, it was excellent! For the main, I wasn’t in the mood for a fancy meat so I had a beef skewer, very tasty. Cooked as I wished, very tender, great, along with nice roasted potatoes. My friend had a grilled beef filet and was also happy with it, he comes here often and really likes the place. For dessert, I had a nice chocolat fondant and an “arranged” rhum with violet flavour, quite nice. The staff was super friendly and the prices are quite ok. So, this place is a very good choice for meat lovers in Thionville.


delimeat (2) delimeat (3)

delimeat (4) delimeat (5)

delimeat (6)

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Bar Raval, Tapas in Kreuzberg

Raval (4)Bar Raval is a Spanish tapas bar close to Görlitzer Park, not very far from the U Schlesisches Tor station. I have been hearing about this place for a long time and finally made my way there for a nice dinner. The menu is hard to choose from, everything seems so tasty. I had a mixed plate of cold tapas, one of the item was fish based but since I don’t like fish they were kind enough to replace it with tortilla. It was delicious, my friends had the chorizo cooked in cider, very tasty too, same for patatas bravas and baked goat cheese. The chocolate fondant, bit orangy, was also delicious. Really great quality for a very decent price.

The staff is very friendly, this is really a nice place.

Raval (1) Raval (2)

Raval (3) Raval (5)

Raval (6)

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Delicious Italian food at Trattoria Zoe

13I went for a networking lunch to Zoe, a few people working in the neighboorhood go there quite often and I understand why. This location is very cosy and the staff really friendly. The menu is not too big but still offers a wide range of Italian food for decent price. I had one of the best pizzas I ever tasted in Berlin, real Italian pizzas are hard to find in this city but the one I had there was a delight! I had a pizza with hot salami and goat cheese, it was wonderful… and quite big, I barely finished it. Everybody else had pasta and all were very happy, I guess they only use fresh ingredients, which makes all the difference.
They have lunch specials every day, it’s perfect for a lunch break or a business lunch. And I’m sure it’s fantastic as well for a dinner.