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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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La Buvette, P-Berg

A few weeks back, I read about a French place I did not know yet, La Buvette, and since it looked nice I took a bunch of friends and we went there for dinner. It’s located in Prenzlauer Berg, close to S+U Schönhauser Allee. Wine lovers really enjoyed their “poison” and the whole experience was nice.
Cosy place, friendly staff and good food. I had the rumpsteak, it comes with a nice mustardy creamy sauce and tasty home made French fries: it was absolutely delicious and so was the moeulleux au chocolat (lava cake), salads and quiches and cassoulet and duck were also quite good according to the other guests (even if the Quiche Lorraine is not authentic, they put cheese in it, but there is no cheese in the real original traditionnal one).
Prices are ok, all in all a fantastic evening, we shall come back



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Du Bonheur: don’t worry, be happy

Some time ago, I went to Du Bonheur, a French style bakery in Mitte, just outside U Bernauer Straße. The name means “Some hapiness” and it’s really a place you get some tasty hapiness.

Super nice place, cosy, friendly staff. Brioche and croissants are super tasty too. Pâtisseries are amazing, I tried several, they look and taste sooo good, the eclair are not made the traditionnal way but they’re really good. Go there and your taste buds will for sure be happy. Plus, the hot chocolate is excellent too!



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French delights at Diderot

I read about Diderot, a cosy place for French food and also organising cultural events in Prenzlauer Berg, and the next day I had to do a painful and very early medical test so I decided to treat myself with a nice breakfast and went there. The big breakfast for 1 person could be enough for 2, the brioche is amazing, tasty cheese, nice ham and bread and fruit salad and so. A French pastry chef organizes French brunches (buffet) every Sunday, from the photos she posted on Facebook, it looks amazing, I have to try this soon!


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Fleur de Sel, nice small French café

fleurdesel (2)Fleur de Sel is a nice café in Prenzlauer Berg between Eberswalder Straße and Mauer Park. I passed by this French place a couple of time but only recently did I try it. Weather was nice so we could enjoy the lovely terrasse, the inside looks quite cosy too. The waitress was quite nice and they have a changing offer for meals in addition to the menu.

I went with a friend and shared a cheese/cold cuts plate for 2, the products were high quality, but just for 2 it was a bit small, good to share as a starter or a snack in the day. After all, they did write on the menu: “to share (or not)”. 🙂 So we decided to have a snack after that, I almost had the Quiche Lorraine but they put cheese in it which is wrong (being from Lorraine and knowing the real traditionnal Quiche Lorraine is without cheese, I tend to be an extremist about that, if you put cheese, change the name), but had a nice croque-monsieur and my friend a tartine with goat cheese, she liked it but the amount of cheese was a bit poor.

I also went for the brunch, which is à la carte, you get a soup, a big plate of cheese and/or meat or fish, bread, a dessert, for a very small price. Really worth it!

Prices are ok, not cheap but not expensive either. I will go back for sure.

fleurdesel (1) fleurdesel (3) fleurdesel (4)

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Le Provençal, French dinner by the river

provencal (1)I was looking for new French restaurants in Berlin (well by new I mean that I haven’t tried yet) and I stumbled on Le Provençal, which sounded nice from the reviews and the online menu.

The place is quite nice, it’s located in Nikolai Viertel, along the Spree, a few minutes walk from Alexander Platz.
Service was friendly but could be improved, I had to wait quite a long time for just water…
From the menu, it looks that they don’t put cheese in the Quiche Lorraine, which is a big plus since there is NO cheese is the real Quiche Lorraine, I haven’t tried it but those who did said it was good (but somehow unable to tell if there was cheese or not in it…)

provencal (10)I had first the home made foie gras, you can taste it’s home made, really good. Too bad I did not get my toasts, noticed it too late when someone else had it later. I had the beef filet, I asked it rare and it was cooked almost medium rare, so it was ok, the meat was really tasty and tender, good quality, nice pepper sauce too.
For dessert, I had the profiteroles, it’s one of my favourite desserts and in 5 years it was the 1st time I found some in Berlin, so I was pretty excited and not at all disappointed. They weren’t the best I ever had but still real tasty.

All in all it was a nice experience, we were all quite happy, even if some weren’t that excited as I was from their food, a bit too expensive though.


provencal (2) provencal (3) provencal (4)

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Les Pâtisserie de Sébastien: Real French pâtisserie in Mitte

patisserie (2)Les Pâtisseries de Sébastien is an authentic French bakery in Mitte, it’s located on Invalidenstraße, close to Weinbergpark and U Rosenthaler Park, only a few steps from the tram stop Brunnenstr/Invalidenstr (M8 and 12).

While looking for a French pâtisserie, this place came up very often and had amazing reviews. I went there on a Saturday afternoon for a coffee break and it was so hard to choose from. They have some of their cakes mini sized which is great to try several delicacies. I had a delicious brioche, a very tasty madeleine, an awesome éclair au chocolat and also an opéra, but I forgot it was with coffee and since I don’t like this taste I can’t judge. The croissants and pains au chocolat looked amazing but I was too full to try them, next time… My friend had a cake filled with an excellent red fruit mousse. Their hot chocolate is also great, very strong taste, not the cheap powder with milk kind. Plus it’s not expensive at all, the staff is super friendly and you can eat in or take away.

As I really wanted to try their croissants and pains au chocolat, I went back the next morning to get my breakfast, dessert and bread for the day. The croissants are delicous and the pains au chocolat absolutely amazng, and of course the baguette is great!

patisserie (3) patisserie


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Belmondo, high class French cuisine in Charlottenburg

belmondo (8)I have heard a lot of good things about Belmondo (located between Savigny Platz and Ernst-Reuter-Platz) and finally went to try it for myself. Though it is the most expensive meal I had in Berlin, it is probably also the best I ever had. It was worth every cent.
The staff is very friendly and welcomes you friendly, the atmosphere is very nice and the decoration quite interesting.

The menu is hard to choose from, so many interesting items. I first had the home made foie gras, it was delicious, you can really taste it was home made, a real delight. For main, I chose the tournedos in parmesan crust, cooked rare as I asked, very tender meat, excellent piece of beef. For dessert, the chocolate duo, the white chocolate mousse is quite good and the chocolate fondant is to die for! Wonderful! All the guests were happy, hot foie gras, onion soup, fish soup, fish dish, lamb,… We were all satisfied!

The service was reasonably timed considering there were 2 big groups, it all did not only taste good but looked good as well. A lot of profesionnalism that made this dinner an unforgetable experience.

belmondo (1) belmondo (2)

belmondo (3) belmondo (4)

belmondo (5) belmondo (6)