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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Deli’Meat, Thionville, France

delimeat (1)While visiting my home region, I went for a night out in Thionville with a friend and knowing I’m a huge meat lover he took me to Deli’Meat, a very nice restaurant.
The terrace was very nice, it’s inside a courtyard in the pedestrian zone, so no car traffic at all, they’re specialized in meat cooked on stone (cook yourself) and have some fancy meats like kanguru and zebra. All meats can also be ordered cooked on the grill (by the cook). I first had the local cold cut plate, it was excellent! For the main, I wasn’t in the mood for a fancy meat so I had a beef skewer, very tasty. Cooked as I wished, very tender, great, along with nice roasted potatoes. My friend had a grilled beef filet and was also happy with it, he comes here often and really likes the place. For dessert, I had a nice chocolat fondant and an “arranged” rhum with violet flavour, quite nice. The staff was super friendly and the prices are quite ok. So, this place is a very good choice for meat lovers in Thionville.


delimeat (2) delimeat (3)

delimeat (4) delimeat (5)

delimeat (6)


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Bar Raval, Tapas in Kreuzberg

Raval (4)Bar Raval is a Spanish tapas bar close to Görlitzer Park, not very far from the U Schlesisches Tor station. I have been hearing about this place for a long time and finally made my way there for a nice dinner. The menu is hard to choose from, everything seems so tasty. I had a mixed plate of cold tapas, one of the item was fish based but since I don’t like fish they were kind enough to replace it with tortilla. It was delicious, my friends had the chorizo cooked in cider, very tasty too, same for patatas bravas and baked goat cheese. The chocolate fondant, bit orangy, was also delicious. Really great quality for a very decent price.

The staff is very friendly, this is really a nice place.

Raval (1) Raval (2)

Raval (3) Raval (5)

Raval (6)

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Delicious Italian food at Trattoria Zoe

13I went for a networking lunch to Zoe, a few people working in the neighboorhood go there quite often and I understand why. This location is very cosy and the staff really friendly. The menu is not too big but still offers a wide range of Italian food for decent price. I had one of the best pizzas I ever tasted in Berlin, real Italian pizzas are hard to find in this city but the one I had there was a delight! I had a pizza with hot salami and goat cheese, it was wonderful… and quite big, I barely finished it. Everybody else had pasta and all were very happy, I guess they only use fresh ingredients, which makes all the difference.
They have lunch specials every day, it’s perfect for a lunch break or a business lunch. And I’m sure it’s fantastic as well for a dinner.

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La Cave des Trappistes, Metz, France

cave-des-trappistes-la-metz-1346158824I went there for lunch with my parents while we were walking around close to the market, the place is not very big and it can be recommanded to book in advance. Luckily, we could get the last not reserved table.
I had first the terrine which was quite tasty, for the main course, my parents had the poultry dish with potatoe gratin and were both quite happy with it. I had a very nice entrecote with fries, nothing mind blowing but the meat tasted good and was cooked as I wish. The apple pie for dessert was also not bad at all. Staff is quite nice, service good and fair prices.
All in all, a nice restaurant.

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Eis Bar, ice creams by Eberswalder

oAnother place I like to go for an ice cream when I’m hanging out by U Eberswalder Straße is Eis Bar on Kastanienallee. It’s a small ice cream booth with just a bench in front of it to sit. It’s not too expensive (€1.20 a scoop), the offer is pretty wide (there is a 2nd windowcase hidden, flavours are listed next to the front windowcase). They have both classical and original flavours. I really love their fruity ice creams, the taste really explodes in your mouth, it’s amazing. The staff is also very friendly, really a nice place.

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Kaffee am Meer, nice café in Bergmannkiez

am mehr2After a bad lunch experience in a “restaurant” close by (don’t go to Markt Wirtschaft at Marheineke Markthalle, expensive, small portions, not tasty), we decided to treat us with a nice dessert.

Kaffee am See on Bergmannstraße is very cosy, we first had a look at their amazingly looking cakes but ended up having some waffles with hot cherries. Those were delicious. The menu, mostly breakfast or snacks or mixed plates, seems very appealing, we saw some tellers pass by that looked tasty.
The staff is very friendly and it’s not too expensive. We were really happy with our choice. It definetely looks like a great place for breakfast or coffee and cake.