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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Fährblick, Sassnitz, Germany

IMG_3295For my last diner in Sassnitz before leaving Rügen, I went to Fährblick and sat on their terrace, facing the sea. The view is amazing! I first had a vodka with cranberry juice, I loved that they served it in a cocktail glass, almost a cosmopolitan!

I then had an argentinian beef steak, meat was good quality but it was cooked well, I prefer it rare, they actually did not ask and I did not realise it right away. But if a steak still is tasty even cooked well, it means the meat is good.

Service is friendly and quick. Prices are reasonnable.




IMG_3296 IMG_3298


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Königs Gustav, Sassnitz, Germany

IMG_2861I recently went for a short trip on the wonderful island Rügen, in the Baltic Sea, I visited a few restaurants there and this is one place where I really had a nice dinner.

Shortly after my arrival in Sassnitz, I looked on Trip Advisor for some good local restaurants and it looked like König Gustav was quite a good one, plus it was very close to my hotel so I went there and sat on their lovely terrace.
I first had the Mecklenburg style chicken breast with mashed potatoes and honey-mustard cream sauce, really tasty. Meklenburg, because Rügen is part of the Meklenburg-Vorpommern Land. For dessert I tried their speciality, the Norvegian Iceberg: meringue base, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and krokant; served with hot raspberries and more krokant. It was wonderful, my tastebuds were extremely happy!

Even if the waiter forgot me at the end (he told me so when I went in to pay, but I am quiet and on my own, I can get it^^), he was very friendly, service was reasonably quick and prices were ok. I can only recommand this place.

IMG_2863 IMG_2866

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Old Murphys, Saarbrücken, Germany

old murphys (1)We stumbled upon the Irish Pub Old Murphys on a sunny day and sat on their terrace for a nice lunch. It’s located in the city center, on the market, in the pedestrian zone, which makes it very enjoyable to eat outside. Service is pretty nice, the area is lovely with the market, nice cocktails card, the Mai Tai was brilliant. Aberdden beef burger delicious, tasty argentinian steak, good wiener schnitzel, we were vrery happy with our meal. Very friendly staff and good prices too.


old murphys (3) old murphys (2) old murphys (5)

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Valentino, Leipzig, Germany

valentino1After a long bus ride,I arrived in Leipzig starving, found nothing near my hotel and headed back to the city and found the Italian restaurant Valentino. It’s located in the mall Höf am Brüll. The service is great, the staff superfriendly.

I first had a really nice virgin cocktail, very refreshning. The pizza very tasty, a good thing is that they add the Parma ham after cooking.  Just a small disapointment with the crepes that was too thick and not very sweet, but all in all a nice place.


valenino2 valentino3 valentino4 valentino5

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Mio, Leipzig, Germany

mio1I stumbled upon Mio as I was sightseeing in the neighboorhood, it’s located close to the University and a federal court. The staff is extremly friendly, great service. The food is not bad at all, I was a bit disappointed by the rösti which did not really look like some, but more like potatoe galettes, no taste, not rispy, but the meat was wonderful, the chocolate cake was really tasty.


mio2 mio3 mio4

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Enchilada, Leipzig, Germany

enchi1After a long day of sightseeing in Leipzig, I ended up for dinner at Enchilada, it’s a lovely Mexican restaurant in the city center. I was lucky it was Fajita Wednesday, all fajitas were cheaper than usual, the place was packed but as I was alone I could find a spot, the menu looks very interesting, I ordered some beef fajitas and a jumbo cocktail. The food was served before the drink and they kept on apologizing, was no big deal but was nice from them.
The fajitas were good, more meat and sour cream would a plus though, I was still a bit hungry afterwards. So I had churros for dessert with chocolate sauce, it was so tasty, but this time I could not finish it.

The staff is very friendly, service was quite long but that’s also a good sign, when the place is full and they serve you quickly, you can wonder about the freshness of your dish.

Great place, will def come back if I’m in Leipzig again, I looked at plates passing by, everything looked tasty.


enchi2 enchi3 enchi4 enchi5 enchi6