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Le Provençal, French dinner by the river

provencal (1)I was looking for new French restaurants in Berlin (well by new I mean that I haven’t tried yet) and I stumbled on Le Provençal, which sounded nice from the reviews and the online menu.

The place is quite nice, it’s located in Nikolai Viertel, along the Spree, a few minutes walk from Alexander Platz.
Service was friendly but could be improved, I had to wait quite a long time for just water…
From the menu, it looks that they don’t put cheese in the Quiche Lorraine, which is a big plus since there is NO cheese is the real Quiche Lorraine, I haven’t tried it but those who did said it was good (but somehow unable to tell if there was cheese or not in it…)

provencal (10)I had first the home made foie gras, you can taste it’s home made, really good. Too bad I did not get my toasts, noticed it too late when someone else had it later. I had the beef filet, I asked it rare and it was cooked almost medium rare, so it was ok, the meat was really tasty and tender, good quality, nice pepper sauce too.
For dessert, I had the profiteroles, it’s one of my favourite desserts and in 5 years it was the 1st time I found some in Berlin, so I was pretty excited and not at all disappointed. They weren’t the best I ever had but still real tasty.

All in all it was a nice experience, we were all quite happy, even if some weren’t that excited as I was from their food, a bit too expensive though.


provencal (2) provencal (3) provencal (4)


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Zapiecek (Świętojańska), Warsaw, Poland

IMG_5161I went to Zapiecek on Świętojańska on the recommendations of my hotel’s staff when I asked where to get good pierogi. It is very small, I don’t know if they take reservations, but if you’re a group, it might be better to try to book. The staff is very friendly.
I loved it so much I went twice during my short stay in Warsaw, I tried the simple meat ones (they can be blend with no topping, so choose wisely), the Russians (potatoe and cottage cheese) with bacon and the ones with camembert and blue cheese. Those were awesome! So awesome I took a big portion of those on the 2nd dinner, I tried with the strawberry sauce they recommand, but I definetely am not into sweet and savoury (but it comes on the side, so it’s fine). I also tried some sweet ones, with cottage cheese in vanilla sauce, but it wasn’t the best combination.

To sum up, this place is great for pierogi!

IMG_5160 IMG_5162



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Beef ‘n’ roll, Warsaw, Poland

IMG_5175Somehow it’s always when I come to Poland that I have the best burgers.
While sightseeing in central Warsaw, I passed by Beef ‘n’ roll a couple of times, but never during eating times, it looked interesting, I looked it up online and the good reviews convinced me to go there for dinner. I read they were first a foodtruck and were so successfull they opened this burger joint, which is a good sign I guess.

I had the cheeseburger with bacon and it was delicious! The patty was cooked medium rare, perfect for a burger, the bun was also very tasty, the bacon crispy, the lettuce fresh and the sauce quite interesting. Perfect! The staff is also very friendly. Great place for a burger in Warsaw!