Around Berlin in 80 Restaurants

My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Restaurant 1640, Québec, Canada

IMG_45891640 is a lovely restaurant in the old town, just opposite to the Frontenac castle, which can offer a nice view if you seat next to the windows. I guess they might have a terrasse in the summer.

I went there twice for breakfast during my stay in Québec. The place is very cosy with a nice and sober decoration. The staff is super friendly and the breakfast menu quite appealling. I tried their brunch plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sausages, potatoes, toasts and a cupcake. Really really tasty. The 2nd time, I had almost the same thing but in smaller size.



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La Banquise, Montréal, Canada

IMG_4695When in Québec, you do have to try the famous poutine. I mean, fries, gravy, cheese, it sounds amazing! 🙂 If you can try only one place, go to La Banquise. I read it’s the best poutine in town so I decided to went there for a lunch. I tried the T-Rex poutine with minced beef, hot dog sausage, peperoni and bacon. It was super good but of course super heavy. The staff is super friendly, a real nice place.

They also do burgers and breakfast, but I didn’t have time to go back.

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Frites alors, Montréal, Canada

IMG_4823Frites alors is a Québec Belgian fries chain and has several locations in Montréal. I went twice during my stay.

I passed by the one on Rue Rachel while looking for a place to have lunch and remembered I saw this name on a top 5 of the best poutines in Montréal, so I decided to give it a try. The staff was very friendly and the menu hard to choose from I had the Berger Burger (with goat cheese) and a small poutine. It was very tasty!

On my last day, for my last lunch, I went to the one on Rue Saint-Denis to get my last poutine, I had the one with smoked meat. It was also very good and the staff super friendly.


IMG_4818 IMG_4821

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Helvetia, Swiss restaurant in Kreuzberg

helvetia (3)Helvetia is a nice Swiss restaurant located in Kreuzberg, close to U Görlitzer Bahnhoof.
While looking for a nice Swiss restaurant in Berlin, I stumbled upon this place with good reviews so I took some friends and went to try it.
The staff is very friendly and the place quite cosy. The menu is very appealling and hard to choose from. I had the rösti with Swiss cheese, super tasty and filling, my friends loved the mushroom ragu and the gulash with spätzle. For dessert, we had the toblerone mousse, delicious. I now need to go back to try the Fondue, we saw it on other tables and it smelled pretty good. The Käse spätzle were also very tempting.
It’s really a nice place with very fair prices.

helvetia (1) helvetia (2) helvetia (4) helvetia (5)

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Marco Polo, nice Italian in Lichtenberg

marco polo1I recently went to Marco Polo, an Italian restaurant in Lichtenberg, it’s located on Anton-Saefkow-Platz, not very far from S Landsberger. A friend of mine likes to go there from time to time and took me there recently.

When entering, you’ll be warmly welcomed by the very friendly staff. The atmosphere is quite cosy. The menu is quite appealing and the prices are fair.

We first had a complementary bruschetta with a piece of marinated feta. I don’t like bruschetta because of the vegetables but my friend really likes theirs, perfectly seasonned. For starters, I had a nice carpaccio, it comes with raw common mushrooms which I’m not crazy about when not cooked, also too much ruccola for my taste, but the meat itself was great. My friend had more bruschetta and a tomatoe soup, and he was happy with it. I then had the risotto dello Chef with chicken, gorgonzola and normally spinach but I had it without the green stuff and it was really good, very creamy and a good portion, I couldn’t finish it (well I did but for lunch the next day). My friend had a steak with pepper sauce, well the sauce was great but the steak, it wasn’t bad but wasn’t good either.

At the end, the waiter offered a bottle of wine, quite nice! All in all, a nice place for Italian food, I would go back.

marco polo 3 marco polo2

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Les 3 Brasseurs (Saint-Denis), Montréal, Canada

IMG_4877Les 3 Brasseurs is a famous chain of restaurants in France and are also in Canada, with slight differences. It’s mostly known for their beer and specialities from Northern/Eastern France and Belgium.

I went to the one on Rue Saint-Denis with some friends and had a nice dinner. I have to say that I 1st wanted to have a Flammkuchen, but when I looked closer at the menu I was kinda disappointed, sorry but the ones they offer are really weird, they don’t even have the classical real Alsatian one with just cream, onions and lardons. Some of my friends had them, but they serve them uncut and on normal plate, a real Flamm’ is served cut and on a wooden plate. I grew up close to Alsace and leave in Germany (where it’s popular and you can find good ones), so I tend to be a bit of a Flammkuchen extremist ^^

Apart from that, I was quite happy with my food, nice garlic cheese bread and tasty giant sausages, maybe a bit more sauerkraut could be nice. Everyone was happy with their beer and food. We went there for a bachelorette party and they offered the dessert to the bride to be.

The atmosphere is really nice and the staff super friendly, so a positive experience.

IMG_4867 IMG_4870 IMG_4875 IMG_4876