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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Restaurant Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Croatia

IMG_1457I went to Restaurant Dubrovnik following the reviews on Trip Advisor. The set up is wonderful, warm welcome, staff extremly friendly. It is a very classy place, not very cheap but quite worth it. I first had a complimentary starter from the Chef and then a delicious duck breast, very tender, delicious, I did not really like the mashed potatoe with pumpkin, but it’s a question of taste I guess. For dessert I had a jogurt parfait, quite nice as well.
Really a nice option a bit hidden in a small street.





IMG_1455 IMG_1458 IMG_1459 IMG_1460 IMG_1461 IMG_1462 IMG_1463


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Sucre et Sel, tasty French territory in Berlin

sucresel (1)Sucre et Sel is definitely one of the top3 French restaurants in Berlin! A friend of mine recommended this place to me and I just fall in love in it. Very friendly staff, menu very hard to choose from.
It’s like a little bit of France, some very French drinks are available like Ricard and Orangina, but I went for a caipirinha, quite nice.
Had the terrine for starter, a kind of paté, I was surprised by the texture, but it was tasty. After a long reflexion, I had a Flammkuchen, La Copieuse, with salami and blue cheese, served on a wooden plate and already cut, the right way then, plus it was delicious. For dessert, I had a chocolate Eclair, had not had some for ages, it was like a bit of Paradise! And for all of this, had to pay less than 25€, very worth the money for this great quality.

Those who had salads, quiches or gratins were also delighted, those quiches look awesome! Other desserts look amazing too.
Def have to go back there to try other items of the menu. 🙂


sucresel (2) sucresel (3) sucresel (6) sucresel (7) sucresel (9) sucresel (10) sucresel (11) sucresel (13) sucresel (14) sucresel (16) sucresel (17)


Persian Brunch @ Hafis

hafi (3)One day, a friend invited me to try out Persian Brunch at Hafis on Alt Moabit in Tiergarten, I had no idea what to expect.

The buffet is very nice, wide range of food, lots of veggie stuffs, some kind of sausages, eggs, cheese, fruits, cereals. The plus: tea, coffee, apple and orange juice included. If you enjoy Persian food, than go for it, you shouldn’t be disappointed.


hafi (2) hafi (4)


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Green Door

green door (3)I had heard a lot about this cocktail bar in Schöneberg and one day, I eventually went to give it a try.

The door is green, small place, the cocktail menu is HUGE, it was hard to make a choice. I tried one of their rhum cocktail, the Haifishzahn which means Sharktooth, it was brilliant. Their margarita is very nice too. You also get some water on the side. The only bad thing are the prices, it’s very expensive, mostly above 10€ for the cocktails but once in a while, it can be a nice treat.



green door (1) green door (2)

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Old Murphys, Saarbrücken, Germany

old murphys (1)We stumbled upon the Irish Pub Old Murphys on a sunny day and sat on their terrace for a nice lunch. It’s located in the city center, on the market, in the pedestrian zone, which makes it very enjoyable to eat outside. Service is pretty nice, the area is lovely with the market, nice cocktails card, the Mai Tai was brilliant. Aberdden beef burger delicious, tasty argentinian steak, good wiener schnitzel, we were vrery happy with our meal. Very friendly staff and good prices too.


old murphys (3) old murphys (2) old murphys (5)

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Märchenwaffel, Waffels Paradise

waffel4I happened to pass by Märchenwaffel on Warschauer Strasse quite often, always thought I should stop and try it some time, maybe after a hockey game (the ice arena being very close and I first noticed it when coming back from the O2 World), they advertise “Belgian Waffles”, so it made me very curious.

One evening, I went for after-work drinks with a friend in the area and since we were hungry, I suggested we go to the Waffle place. The venue is very cute, very nice cook/waiter, a long list of toppings for your waffel or crepes, for the waffel, you can choose Brussel or Liege style, they also have a waffle burger, have to check this out next time. Plus, there are some other stuffs available, such as Flammkuchen for exemple, not tested yet.

I had some Brussel waffles with nutella and crokant the big bad wolf served me. The waiter puts on a mask when bringing you the plate, very funny, Märchen means Fairytail and so is the theme of masks and decoration.

The waffles were soooo delicious, almost as good as my mother’s… I had not had such a good waffle since my last visit in France, I’ll def go back and I can really recommand this place!



waffel5 waffel3 waffel2 waffel1


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La Cocotte, nice French restaurant in Schöneberg

cocotte1While talking with French collegues about nice French restaurants in Berlin, I noticed I often heard them talk about La Cocotte in Schöneberg. So, some time ago, I decided to give it a try.

The staff will warmly welcome you in French, the menu is a frame and very hard to choose from! I guess I’ll have to go back to try other stuffs, plus it’s changing according to the seasons. Cocotte means cooker, so most of the dishes are served in a small cast iron pot, very cute. I had the Terrine de Lapin, kind of rabbit paté, it was excellent, I love rabbit and had not had some for ages. I also tasted my neighboor’s foie gras, delicious. I then had an egg with special ham and cheese, quite good! And for dessert, a Moelleux au Chocolat, fluffy chocolate cake, heavens!

Prices are quite ok, not cheap but not too expensive for the quality you get, service is nice, cool atmosphere, really worth a try!


cocotte5 cocotte4 cocotte3 cocotte2 cocotte8 cocotte7 cocotte6 cocotte9