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Sabor Latino, great Peruvian food in Wilmersdorf

sabor latino (3)Sabor Latino is a Peruvian restaurant in Wilmersdorf, close to U Berliner Straße, the name often pops up when talking about good South American food in Berlin. So, after having heard so good things about this place, I finally went and tried it. The place is quite nice and the staff pretty friendly. I had a nice pisco sour and a Macchu Pisco, a tasty pisco based cocktail, quite fruity.
For starters, I had empanadas, some with cheese and some with minced beef, very good! Then, I had the badeja latina, delicious steak (cooked medium rare) with fried bananas, rice and fried yuca. Really tasty! Lots of my friends had fish, they were all happy, ceviche is apparently great. One of my friend was coming here for the 3rd time and he loved their ceviche, another friend who had it that night also said it was great.

Prices are very good, service quite quick, really a good adress.

sabor latino (1) sabor latino (2)

sabor latino (4) sabor latino (6)

sabor latino (7) sabor latino (8)

sabor latino (9) sabor latino (10)sabor latino (5)



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Rhum & Cheese tasting in Schöneberg

IMG_4993About every two months, in the Schöneberg rhum shop Rum Depot, takes place a special evening combining two of the best things in the world: rhum and cheese. The boss of Rum Depot and the boss of Blomeyer’s Käse (German cheese shop in Charlottenburg) get together to offer delicious pairings.

The tasting takes place in the rhum bar next door to the shop, a small group gathers around the table, bread and water are available to cleanse your palate. The masters of the evening presents you their product with passion, explaining what they are and telling the story of their creation. Very interresting facts indeed. The pairings are excellent, you can really feel how the taste of the cheese can be different in your mouth, depending if you drank the rhum before or after.

IMG_4995We first got 5 rhums with their matching cheese, previously selected by the hosts, then comes a wild card. Mr. Rhum has Mr. Cheese choose randomly a rhum, Mr. Cheese sniffes it and chooses one of his cheeses. The result was quite good. We even got a 7th rhum with a not so good matching cheese.

It was a delightful evening, high quality products. I went home with a bottle of rhum and plan to pay Mr. Cheese a visit in his shop. And very important too: if you go, do not forget to eat before hand, in order not to get drunk.

Rum Depot also organizes regular rhum tastings as well as rhum & chocolate and rhum & cigars. I suppose it’s as professionnally organized as the one I went to so I could definetely recommand to try one of their tastings.

IMG_4996 IMG_4997 IMG_4998 IMG_5000 IMG_5001 IMG_5002 IMG_5004 IMG_5005

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Corso 1471, Montréal, Canada

IMG_4863Corso 1471 is a restaurant located in downtown Montréal, close to McGill university. I had a lovely dinner there with a friend while visiting Montréal.

The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere cosy. The menu is very appealling and not too expensive. I enjoyed a very nice steak (cooked as wished) and my friend liked his mussels. For dessert, we had profiteroles, one of my favorite desserts, it was very nice.
A good adress for a nice dinner in downtown Montréal.


IMG_4861 IMG_4865

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Fancy cocktails at Limonadier

IMG_20160106_204919I recently visited Limonadier, a great cocktail bar in Kreuzberg, close to U Mehringdamm. I can only recommand it to people who enjoy real good cocktails. The staff is super friendly, the atmosphere very nice and the menu very interesting. Their offer is nothing but classic, some of the classics are even revisited, they also do their own limonade but I haven’t tried it.

I tried the Kaleidoscop, it’s very sweet, with rhum, raspberry, vanilla, violet and lemon, it was excellent, like drinking a candy. My friend had the Nautilus Daiquiri, with chocolate liquor, I usually don’t like chocolate alcohol but I tasted her cocktail and it gives a nice twist without dominating the drink which ended up being nice as well.
The prices can seem high for Berlin but it is totally worth it.


IMG_20160106_205028 IMG_20160106_205103

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La Bûche, Québec, Canada

IMG_4578As I was walking around Québec I passed by the restaurant La Bûche and saw a sign announcing hockey nights, I wanted to watch the Habs game the same night so I had a look at the menu that looked interesting and came back later for dinner.

The staff is extremely friendly, the place is really cute, very nice place. The menu is very appetizing, kinda hard to choose from. I loved their maple mojito. I went twice there, I tried the tourtière and the poutine (with an enormous slice of bacon), it was very tasty, couldn’t try the desserts though, the mains got me full.

IMG_4124 IMG_4126 IMG_4127 IMG_4128