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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Renger-Patzsch, good German-Alsatian restaurant in Shöneberg

patzsch (4)I went to Renger-Patzsch with a bunch of friends on the recommandation of another friend. The place is very nice and the staff really friendly. The menu is quite interesting. I had the Flammkuchen with cheese and it was quite good, but the fact it was cut in squares made it hard to eat, traditionnally Flammkuchen are to be eaten with hands, so stripes would have been better. I had hesitated with the duck breast on risotto, a friend had it, she loved it, and I could see from its color it seemed perfectly cooked. Another dish I wanted to try was the Choucroute/Sauerkraut, the one who had it was verry happy about it. For dessert, I had a very nice chocolate mousse.
Everyone of us was satisfied with their food and we’ll go back for sure!

patzsch (1) patzsch (3)

patzsch (5) patzsch (6)

patzsch (7)


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L’Omelette, Québec, Canada

IMG_4674I went to L’Omelette (in the old town) with a friend while we were visiting Québec, on a Sunday night, the place was quite empty. The staff was really super friendly. Well we were asked if we were on a honeymoon and told we looked in love when we answered we were just friends. THAT was awkward. 😀

The menu looked interesting and decent prices (at least for Québec which is super expensive). We were warmly welcomed and quickly served. The food was tasty, nothing mindblowing but nothing to complain about either. Well, my friend could have just complained about the bacon in his pea soup, it was not written on the menu and he doesn’t eat meat. But other than that, nice, my beef was cooked as wished. Nice place.

IMG_4672 IMG_4673 IMG_4675 IMG_4676

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Helga, breakfast and more

IMG_20160306_112428Helga is a small café in Friedrischain on Straßmannstraße (M10 tram station of the same name or S Landsberger Allee). It’s quiet and cosy and the staff is very friendly. I really like to go there sometimes for breakfast or lunch. The breakfast offer is great, scrambled eggs (love the ones with bergkäse), bagels, cheese/ham plates, croissants,… And for lunch, I really love their käse spätzle, the cheese they use is delicious. I am also a big fan of their hot chocolate. It’s perfect to start the day or do a nice lunch break, I’m sure it might also be nice in the evening.


Helga1 IMG_20160306_112435

helga2 helga3 IMG_20160306_112452

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100 Patates, Thionville, France

IMG_20151227_200041100 Patates is a restaurant in the centy center of Thionville. As you can guess from the name, it’s all about potatoes.

I went there with some friends and we had a lovely evening. The atmosphere is cosy and the decoration all around potatoes, quite nice. The staff is quite friendly and the menu very appetizing. I had a hard time chosing what to have. We started with a nice “apero” plate with some cheese, chips, pate, salami, pickles and tomatoes.

I then had an oven baked potatoes with reblochon cheese on top and some cold cuts on the side. It was great, all ingredients were very good quality. A friend had the burger, but not the kind you can eat with your hands, there is a delicious beef patty topped with goat cheese (you can choose from different cheeses) between two rösti, I tried it as well and it tasted really good. My other friend had their tartiflette and was happy too.
I was the only one who had dessert and I really loved their brioche French toast style with nutella and vanilla ice cream. Delicious. Really good food for a very fair price. I might go again next time I’m in Thionville.

IMG_20151227_192135 IMG_20151227_193133 IMG_20151227_193256 IMG_20151227_200026 IMG_20151227_200034 IMG_20151227_203246

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Hofbräu München in Berlin: decent food, nice atmosphere

hofbrau (1)I went to Hofbräu (by Alexanderplatz) with my brother and his girlfriend when they were visiting Berlin. He went there on his last visit and likes the one in Munich and loves their beer. I don’t drink beer but I trust my brother on his advice. The atmosphere is really nice, there was a Bavarian group playing music, people were singing and dancing. Quite cool. The staff was very friendly.

The food was nothing exceptionnal but not bad, I had the käsespätzel, they were ok but the cheese wasn’t very strong, my brother had the Haxe and really liked it, his grilfriend had the grilled goat cheese and the apfelstrudel and was happy about it.

Although it is very touristy, it’s quite a nice place, but go there for the beer and the atmosphere rather than just the food.


hofbrau (2) hofbrau (3)

hofbrau (5)

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Tuchers Bratwursthäusle, Franken in Berlin

bratwurst (4)Tuchers Bratwursthäusle is a restaurant close to Kultur Brauerei that is specialised in cuisine from Franken, a part of Bavaria, and especially in orginal Nürnberg saussages.

I passed this place while a post-breakfast walk in Prenzlauer Berg and it looked very interesting. The prices seemed fair and the menu was appetizing. I then saw they also had good reviews so I took a few friends and went there for a nice dinner.

The staff is great, the waiter was super friendly and funny, he really helped creating a nice atmosphere. For beer lovers, they have a large choice and the beer drinkers at our table were quite happy. The food is super tasty too. Sausages are prepared on grill (you can smell it when entering the place), I had the traditionnal Nürnberger Würstschen with Sauerkraut, it was very good. My friends had either Schäufele (Pig shoulder), Grillaxe or Bratwurst Teller and were all delighted. For dessert, I had their chocolate mousse which was very good too.

It was an excellent experience and I’ll go back for sure!

bratwurst (1) bratwurst (5)

bratwurst (2) bratwurst (3)

bratwurst (6)