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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Speisehaus, German food in Simon-Dach Kiez

speisehaus (2)While looking for a nice German restaurant, Speisehaus came up often and I recently went with friends to try it. It is located in Friedrichshain, near Simon-Dach-Straße and close to the Warschauer Straße station.

The place is nice and cosy, the staff is very friendly and the menu quite hard to choose from. There was so many interesting dishes and I ended up having a veal schnitzel with roasted potatoes and a fried egg. The schnitzel is enormous and very tasty. Some of us had soup, salad, fish, pork stomach,… We were all satisfied. Dessert is good as well, I had a very good brownie with sour cherries, the pancakes and the grütze were also nice according to those who had them.

This is really a nice place, prices are fair, I can really recommand it.


speisehaus (3) speisehaus (4)

speisehaus (5) speisehaus (6)

speisehaus (7) speisehaus (8)

speisehaus (1)


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Schlossgarten, German diner by the castle

schlossgarten (3)On a beautiful summer evening, we went for a nice dinner in Schlossgarten, a German restaurant close to Schloss Charlottenburg. We could sit on the lovely terrace, it’s on a side street and vegetals separate you from the street so you’re not bothered by the traffic.

The staff is very friendly, the service quite quick and the food very tasty. We both had the venison sausage and meatball with cabages and mashed potatoes, it was very interesting. They are specialised in venison and some other dishes looked really apetizing, we defenetely have to go back.

For desserts, I had some icecream with a brownie and my friend a raspberry cake, it was good but nothing exciting honestly, so don’t go there for dessert but for the mains which are really a hit.

schlossgarten (4) schlossgarten (1)

schlossgarten (5)

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Königs Gustav, Sassnitz, Germany

IMG_2861I recently went for a short trip on the wonderful island Rügen, in the Baltic Sea, I visited a few restaurants there and this is one place where I really had a nice dinner.

Shortly after my arrival in Sassnitz, I looked on Trip Advisor for some good local restaurants and it looked like König Gustav was quite a good one, plus it was very close to my hotel so I went there and sat on their lovely terrace.
I first had the Mecklenburg style chicken breast with mashed potatoes and honey-mustard cream sauce, really tasty. Meklenburg, because Rügen is part of the Meklenburg-Vorpommern Land. For dessert I tried their speciality, the Norvegian Iceberg: meringue base, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and krokant; served with hot raspberries and more krokant. It was wonderful, my tastebuds were extremely happy!

Even if the waiter forgot me at the end (he told me so when I went in to pay, but I am quiet and on my own, I can get it^^), he was very friendly, service was reasonably quick and prices were ok. I can only recommand this place.

IMG_2863 IMG_2866

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Schneeweißchen & Rosenrot: Waffle brunch!

rosenrot2I have heard many good things about Schneeweißchen & Rosenrot and been told the brunch was great. It is a very nice brunch place indeed. Very friendly staff, nice choice of drinks, a glass of prosecco or fresh pressed orange juice included, a large buffet with hot and cold, mainly German cuisine, sweet and savoury and the big plus: you can bake your own waffles ! I liked their brunch and will certainly go back, also to try the lunch or diner options.

The restaurant is very cute, quite charming and is located very close to U Eberswalder Straße.

rosenrot3 rosenrot1

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Oderquelle, decent German food in Prenzlauer Berg

oderquelle (1)I recently went to try the German restaurant Oderquelle, located close to Mauer Park.

While looking for a good German restaurant, the name of this place poped up a few times and they have nice reviews. They serve indeed nice food, nothing mindblowing but tasty food, not expensive and the service is very friendly.
I have to admit I was quite skeptic when I got my “Elsäßige” Flammkuchen since it’s round and served on a normal plate, real Alsatian Flammkuchen is more a rectangle and served on wooden plate, but it was not bad. As a starter I tried the “Handkäse mit Musik” very romantic name for a kind of marinated cheese, very interesting. I was so happy to see this on the menu since I struggled with this name while doing a translation, well now I know what it looks and tastes like!
All in all a positive experience.

oderquelle (2) oderquelle (3)

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Rosengarten am Engelbecken

IMG_2239During the festivities for the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, we went along the old border where lighted balloons were aligned with a friend. At some point we started getting hungry and cold and decided to stop for dinner. We ended up having a nice experience at Rosengarten am Engelbecken close to U Heinrich-Heine-Straße, in Kreuzberg/Mitte.

This is a cosy little restaurant by the canal, very friendly staff, food mainly German. I hesitated between Käsespätzle and burger and finally went for the cheeseburger with bacon. Bun was slightly toasted, meat juicy and fresh, rosmarin potatoes really tasty as well. Really good. My friend was happy with her sausage and mashed potatoes. The waiter was very sweet and the prices really fair, a very good adress!

IMG_2237 IMG_2238

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Mio, Leipzig, Germany

mio1I stumbled upon Mio as I was sightseeing in the neighboorhood, it’s located close to the University and a federal court. The staff is extremly friendly, great service. The food is not bad at all, I was a bit disappointed by the rösti which did not really look like some, but more like potatoe galettes, no taste, not rispy, but the meat was wonderful, the chocolate cake was really tasty.


mio2 mio3 mio4