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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Tempo Box, Waffle brunch

tempo2It had been a long time I had heard about Tempo Box as a great brunch place on Simon Dach straße in Friedrichshain, so some time ago, I finally went. We were lucky we were just 2 and the sun was out so we could find a small table outside. It’s usually recommanded to book if you can.

The drink menu is quite extended, I had some hot chocolate which was really nice. The brunch buffet (10 €) is quite big, tasty croissants, diverse hams and cheeses, salads, puddings, eggs, tomatoe/mozza, sausages, omelette, various hot dishes, fruits, cereals,… Might be hard not to find something you like, the food is good quality. But the hit is the waffle station, 2 waffle makers and dough are at your disposal, some sugar, chocolate sauce and cinnamon for toppings (well, there are also some jams and nutella on the buffet). You really got to love waffle brunch! My waffles were really good indeed.



tempo1 tempo3 tempo4





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Poulette, French Gourmet in P-Berg

poulette1Poulette is a classy French restaurant close to the Wasserturm in Prenzlauer Berg. The friendly staff will warmly welcome you in this cute restaurant. The evening menu is quite restricted, there seems to be more choice for lunch.

We had a free apetizer, brie wrapped in coppa on potatoe salad, it was really tasty. I had some Argentinian beef, it was perfectly cooked, very tasty, tender. I did not really liked the mashed potatoes, was probably because one of the herbs inside, but I’m quite picky. The presentation of the plate is very nice, my friends who had fish had some tasty foam with their dish, the fish was also good.

I had a chocolate cake with melting heart for dessert, it was delicious! The prices are quite high, but for the quality it can be really worth it once in a while.

 poulette3 poulette2 poulette4


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Daitokai, a Japanese show in Europa Center

daitokai1I’ve been wanting to try Japanese cuisine for some time now, not liking fish, it’s not that easy since most of places only serve sushis. So I looked up and found about Daitokai in the Europa Center in Charlottenburg.

The place is lovely, exclusively Japanese staff, a small pond inside, all tables have a cooking area, since most of the dishes are cooked directly at your table, a cook comes and cooks in front of you. a real show!

The staff is very friendly, the waitresses are wearing kimonos, sometimes communication is complicated, some of the cooks speak broken German, so when the guests also speak broken German, it can be funny. 🙂 I had a Japanese cocktail with sake, cointreau and vodka, was quite nice.

I had a Teppan-Yaki for starter, I chose Toriyaki, chicken with teriyaki sauce. When the cook arrives, he presents us the ingredients and start grilling, When the meat is done, he cuts it (since you have only chopsticks that’s better) and then cooks the sauce on the cooking area. Really something interesting to observe.

For the main course I had some beef, perfectly cooked, really tasty, tender, delicious! Some of my friends had one the plate with sea food and hummers, they loved it. You get also grilled vegetables and a bowl of sticky rice. We all loved our food.

daitokai2For the dessert, it can also become a fire show. I was full so I did not get one, but some of my friends had some flambé ice and crepes, before putting the alcohol on fire, the cook switches the light off  above the table and draws a fire heart. Really impressive moves as well.

The prices are quite high, but for the quality of the food and the fact you get your own cook, it’s really worth it. An excellent spot!


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Cape Town, South African flavors in P-Berg

capetown1I never thought about South African cuisine until someone recommended Cape Town to me. It’s a nice place in Prenzlauer Berg that does food from South Africa. That was then a real adventure for me.

The menu is quite interesting, lots of fancy meats: crocodile, buffalo, gnu, zebra, antilop, ostridge,… They also do chicken, beef and fish dishes. I first wanted to try one of those big plates with several meats, but it’s for 2 person at least and no one wanted to try it… Too bad! So I decided to try the zebra sirloin steak. The waiting time was ok, seemed long for those who did not have a starter but the place was quite busy as well.

I was really curious about zebra, did not even know you could eat such a meat, the pieces were quite thin and unfortunately too much cooked (asked medium, got it medium-well) but it was quite tasty. Looks kinda like beef but with much stronger taste. It came with thin slices of sweet potatoes (don’t like sweet potatoes so I passed), green beans and bacon banana. When I read bacon banana on the menu I though “yuk”, but I still tried it, very skeptik, and indeed it was not that bad, quite interesting. So I was very satisfied from my choice.

They also have very nice cocktails and desserts, the prices can go quite high, especially for the fancy meats, but it’s woth it. The service was great, the staff really friendly. I’ll sure go back to try other meats.

capetown3 capetown2 capetown4


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Karrément Burger, Nancy, France

karrement burger (4)This small burger joint is located close to the law faculty in the city center of Nancy. There are few seats inside but there are some nice squares in the area where you could eat your burgers when the weather is nice.
The very friendly cook will warmly welcome you inside and introduce you to the 3 to 4 burgers on the menu, 3 are available all time and a 4th changes regurlaly.

karrement burger (1)I went with a friend and we both took the Mr English, bacon/cheddar/beef, when he started cooking them, it smelled so good, you can choose how you want your burger cooked, we chose rare and it was perfect. The whole burger was delicious, the bun with sesame or poppy seeds is a hit, all ingredients are of high quality. The other burgers (egg + beef and chicken + honey) look interesting, I will for sure try to go taste them on my next visit in Nancy!

karrement burger (2)

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Mutzenbacher, Austria in Friedrichshain

mutz1Mutzenbacher is a nice Austrian restaurant in Friedrichshain, between Revaler and Simon Dach Strasse. They advertise “Schnitzel Puff”, which means “Schnitzel Brothel”, poor Schnitzels,… 😉

The place is a mix of traditional Austrian and modern Berlin, a disco ball like Pork head on the wall, waitress in Dirdnl, lounge music, wooden tables,…

Fun thing, I had a reservation, on the table was a beer pint with written Servus (Austrian/Bavarian for Hi) and my name, along with some hearts.

mutz2The menu is written in Austrian dialect, the friendly staff will translate it for you if you ask nicely. The service was indeed great. The food as well, everybody was satisfied. I had a very tasty Wiener Schnitzel from calf, well thin, enormous, with a potatoe salad. For dessert, I tried the Germknödel, this kind of steam cooked sweet dumpling. What I did not know was that it had a jam filling, and I don’t like jam, but the non jammy part was nice.

The prices are really fair, the atmosphere cosy, really a nice spot for an Austrian dinner!

mutz3 mutz4 mutz5

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Mojo Beach Cafe Bar, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

mojo1I went there on the night of my arrival as it was close to my hotel, very friendly staff (even if she tended to answer in English while I was talking Spanish), Cosmo was good and burger not too bad. Locatin can be convenient as it’s very close to the little beach of Cala Nova. Nothing mindblowing but a nice option for a drink and/or a meal on the area.