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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Delicious Italian food at Trattoria Zoe

13I went for a networking lunch to Zoe, a few people working in the neighboorhood go there quite often and I understand why. This location is very cosy and the staff really friendly. The menu is not too big but still offers a wide range of Italian food for decent price. I had one of the best pizzas I ever tasted in Berlin, real Italian pizzas are hard to find in this city but the one I had there was a delight! I had a pizza with hot salami and goat cheese, it was wonderful… and quite big, I barely finished it. Everybody else had pasta and all were very happy, I guess they only use fresh ingredients, which makes all the difference.
They have lunch specials every day, it’s perfect for a lunch break or a business lunch. And I’m sure it’s fantastic as well for a dinner.


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12 Apostel (Mitte), classy Italian restaurant

Apostel (3)I recently went to 12 Apostel with a few friends and had no idea what to expect, they only told me it was a good Italian restaurant. It is indeed.

They have two locations, we went to the one in Mitte, close to S Friedrichsstraße. There’s also a tram stop just right in front of the restaurant: Georgenstr/Am Kupfergraben (lines M1 and 12). They have a nice terrace, the inside is huge and lovely, the staff is very friendly and the service not too long.

I had a very nice Mai Tai to start with, quite refreshing, then I tried their beef carpaccio, wonderful! The pizzas are huge, thin crust, cooked in wood oven and you can see they’re hand crafted. I had the Simon with goat cheese and spicy salami, delicious.
The only negative point is that it is quite expensive, at least for Berlin standards, but can be a nice treat once in a while.

Apostel (1) Apostel (2)

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Standard, Serious pizza

standardThe search for good pizzas in Berlin can be hard, I’ve been recommanded to try Standard and they indeed have very good pizza, a bit bready though but quite tasty with good quality toppings. The selection is small but enough, the staff is quite friendly, service not too long. I had the Napolitan salami pizza, topped with pecorino, after that I was full since the dough is kinda bready. They also have white pizzas, which doesn’t seem to be that common around here.

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San Lorenzo, Metz, France

IMG_2556This nice Italian restaurant is conveniently located in the city center of Metz.
I went to San Lorenzo a couple of years ago and remember tasty pizzas. I went back recently and it was quite nice. Friendly staff, service quite quick, I had the beef carpaccio with foie gras and fries, it was very nice, although the bread served isn’t the best to go with foie gras. For dessert, I had home made profiteroles, they were excellent. My friend had salmon pasta and amarena ice cream cup and was happy about it.
The prices are ok.



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La Mia Terra, Foetz, Luxemburg

5315ecf160d3fEverytime I go to France, I fly either to Saarbrücken or Luxemburg, my parents pick me up and we usually go eat somewhere and do some shopping in the area.

For Christmas, I flew to Luxemburg and we went directly to Foetz to have a nice lunch before doing some shopping.

My parents really like La Mia Terra and go there almost everytime they’re in Foetz. I had a beef filet with a 4 cheeses sauce, delicious, the meat was tender and perfectly cooked. Fries were nice too, meat comes with salad and vegetable too. Pizzas look pretty nice and are indeed great according to my mom, all fish and meats are tasty. For dessert, I had profiteroles, too much but sooooo good.
Staff is very friendly and service not too long, nice atmosphere.

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Rosati, great Italian by the Deutsche Oper

IMG_2467I went to Rosati because it was conveniently located opposite of Deutsche Oper and I was about to see an opera.
The place is very charming, the friendly staff welcomes you warmly in Italian. We only tried the pizzas even if the whole menu seemed to be very interesting. Waiting time was totally ok, and the pizza is a real italian pizza, very tasty with thin crust. A delight!

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La Toscane, Metz, France

toscane-metzLa Toscane is located in the heart of Metz city center, in a small street with almost no traffic, thus sitting on the terrace when the weather is nice can be very enjoyable. The inside is not bad either.

The staff is friendly, the service quite good and depending on the number of guests can be quite quick.
I already went twice with friends who love this place and we were never disapointed, the pizza are delicious, I once had one with Parma ham, great, they do it the right way, that is the ham is added after cooking, since Parma ham is better uncooked. Their salads are quite impressive, pastas and meats and fish are also good. Desserts are really nice as well.

The price is correct for the amount and quality of food. I can highly recommand it to anyone looking for a nice Italian place in Metz.