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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Hokey Pokey, tasty ice creams in Prenzlauer Berg

Hokey Pokey c7Hokey Pokey is a very nice ice cream place on Stargarder Straße. When I’m dining out in the area, I happen sometimes not to have dessert where I’m first eating, but go for an ice cream afterwards. It very often happens after a cheesy diner at La Käserie since they don’t have desserts at all.

This ice cream bar is quite small but there are still some seats to sit inside or outside. The staff is very friendly and the ice cream very tasty, although a bit expensive (€1.60 a scoop). They have a wide offer, with some original tastes, like brownie or with meringue bits for example. One of my fave flavour is “French chocolate”, made of Valrhona chocolate 70%, with some chunks in it. Their fruit ice creams are also a hit, it’s like biting in the fruit itself. Really a nice place.


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Belmondo, high class French cuisine in Charlottenburg

belmondo (8)I have heard a lot of good things about Belmondo (located between Savigny Platz and Ernst-Reuter-Platz) and finally went to try it for myself. Though it is the most expensive meal I had in Berlin, it is probably also the best I ever had. It was worth every cent.
The staff is very friendly and welcomes you friendly, the atmosphere is very nice and the decoration quite interesting.

The menu is hard to choose from, so many interesting items. I first had the home made foie gras, it was delicious, you can really taste it was home made, a real delight. For main, I chose the tournedos in parmesan crust, cooked rare as I asked, very tender meat, excellent piece of beef. For dessert, the chocolate duo, the white chocolate mousse is quite good and the chocolate fondant is to die for! Wonderful! All the guests were happy, hot foie gras, onion soup, fish soup, fish dish, lamb,… We were all satisfied!

The service was reasonably timed considering there were 2 big groups, it all did not only taste good but looked good as well. A lot of profesionnalism that made this dinner an unforgetable experience.

belmondo (1) belmondo (2)

belmondo (3) belmondo (4)

belmondo (5) belmondo (6)

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Seasons Bistro, Budapest, Hungary

IMG_3704I was looking for a place for a nice dinner on the busy square Liszt Ferenc tér and was attracted by Seasons, it stood a bit away from the pack, looked lovely, was quiet, nice jazz music, menu looked interesting, so I gave it a try.
The staff is extremely friendly, very caring and checking often (but not too often) that everything was ok.
I sat on their lovely terrace and after sipping a nice Cosmopolitan, I had a tasty goose liver in a lovely presentation (in a jar). Then, I could enjoy a nice Argentinian steak, cooked as wished, with some oven baked potatoes. At the end of my dinner, I had a complementary Barack pálinka, Hungarian apricot schnaps, quite good as well. Nice gesture.
The prices seem to be above the general average but the food is of quality.


IMG_3703 IMG_3705

IMG_3706 IMG_3709

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Menza, Budapest, Hungary

IMG_3576I went to Menza on the recommendation of a friend who used to live in Budapest and goes back often.
Great staff, extremely friendly. They have a small selection of nice cocktails, perfect to relax after a day of sightseeing.
Tasty food too, I had the duck liver pate, very creamy, great. I then had a delicious duck breast on a tasty potatoe gratin, amazing. Had a also a nice cocktail and delicious hot chocolate cake.
Price is also very good. Great place.


IMG_3575 IMG_3577



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Fülemüle, Budapest, Hungary

IMG_3415During my holiday in Budapest,  I was staying in the Guest House next to Fülemüle and as on the 1st evening I was too tired to go too far, I chose this easy option and was delighted. Even if I was alone they still seated me at a 8-person table, the waitress was super friendly. They’re specialised in Jewish Hungarian food, goose and cholent (beans). I tried the cholent with smoked meat and eggs, it was very tasty, but sadly too big, I was so frustrated to leave half of the plate, I even thought I got a 2-person portion but nope, it was for 1, so I could not try the desserts.