Around Berlin in 80 Restaurants

My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Mio, Leipzig, Germany

mio1I stumbled upon Mio as I was sightseeing in the neighboorhood, it’s located close to the University and a federal court. The staff is extremly friendly, great service. The food is not bad at all, I was a bit disappointed by the rösti which did not really look like some, but more like potatoe galettes, no taste, not rispy, but the meat was wonderful, the chocolate cake was really tasty.


mio2 mio3 mio4

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Pierogarnia, a taste of Poland in Wedding

piero1Last summer I went for a couple of days to Poland and tried the famous pierogi and loved them. So I decided to look for Polish restaurants in Berlin and heard about Pierogarnia in Wedding and gave it a try.

The venue is small, the decoration is lovely, the staff very nice, typical Polish place where people tend to talk to you first in Polish instead of German. I was also happy to find there one of my fave Polish vodka, Gordka Zoladkowa.

The pierogi were delicious! I had the potato/cheese ones. You get 6 big pieces, it was hard to finish them. The prices are quite low for the great quality you get, really worth a visit.

piero3 piero2

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Albert’s, Bar-BQ and more

88139404_oLast summer I went a couple of times to Albert’s on Karl-Marx-Allee, for their wednesday Bar-BQ which happens no matter what’s the weather like. The 1st time, it was actually raining.

So for 14€ you have access to a big buffet with salads and stuff and to the barbecue, where you can get sausages, poultry, steaks, but also vegetarian stuffs such as feta and vegetables. And there’s also a nice dessert buffet. The food is very tasty and the staff quite friendly, they also have a nice terrace. The drinks are exclusive and they have nice cocktails.

They also do all you can do Ribs, build your own burger, brunches, but I haven’t managed to try those yet.


88139456_o 88139441_o

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Molly’s Grill, Poznan, Poland

mollyI stumbled kinda by chance on Molly’s grill, as I was walking around Poznan, it’s located very close to the big shoppig street.

I had no exptectations and my mind was blown away.
First, the service was extremly friendly, then the burger, when I saw it I wondered how I’d be able to eat all of this, I loved the presentations of the French fries in this big cup.
When I had my first bite I was astonished, a real culinary orgasm, the bread, the sauce and especially the beff, it’s so tasty!
It was really the best burger I ever had!

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Jolesh, a bit of Austria in Kreuzberg

joleshI went to Jolesh a long time ago but never made it back, there are so many places to try in Berlin, sometimes it’s not that easy to go back to some places.

This is a cosy Austrian restaurant close to Görli and Schlesi, prices are a bit high for Kreuzberg but it’s no rip off. The service is ok, nothing exceptionnal though. But the food was really tasty, I had a very big and thin calf Schnitzel, it normally goes with a potatoes salad but they agreed to serve me roasted potatoes instead. I did not try the deserts since there was nothing to my taste (I’m very picky) and they did not have ices available anymore, but some of the guests loved the Kaiserschmarn, this kind of destroyed crepe with raisins, almond and sugar and stuff. All in all, quite good quality.

UPDATE JUNE 2014: They also have a food truck where they serve their delicious schnitzel and more. I tried it very recently and it’s also great. More infos about the food truck here.

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Magic Burger

magicI’ve never been to Magic Burger but I often order there for delivery. They’re in P-Berg, I don’t know if you can eat in but you might be able to take away. So when I’m at home and craving a burger, I usually go for them. What I like is that you can create your own burger or your own wrap. The burgers are wonderful, very tasty, the wraps are great too. It’s usually quite quick to get it, it arrives hot and the fries crispy (not salted beforehand). Delivery guys are usually very friendly. The prices are really fair. A great choice!

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Breakfast at KaDeWe

KDWClose to U Wittenberger Platz, the KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens) is a famous luxury department store of West Berlin, its 6th and 7th floors are dedicated to food. The 6th floor is mainly food to shop, from all over the world, with a HUGE cheese section, quite dangerous for such a cheese lover like me! ^^ There’s also a French bakery, very expensive, but once in a while a nice treat.

On the 7th floor is a self-service restaurant, Le Buffet, under a glass roof. They have 2 nice breakfast offers for which you pay a certain price and can get a certain number of elements among a large choice, including hot drink(s). You can of course add other things from the buffet that you’ll pay extra to turn it into more like a brunch. It was really nice indeed.