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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Le Potager, Nancy, France

IMG_3838I recently went to Nancy and had a nice dinner at Le Potager with some friends.
Being originally from the region, that’s the “Lorraine specialties” that got me interested.
We went there and were lucky enough to get the last free table inside, it can be a good idea to book.
This small restaurant is located in the old town, close to Place Stanislas.
The staff is very friendly and the decoration lovely.
I had some home made foie gras first, very nice. Then I had one of the baked cheeses (reblochon) with potatoes and cold cuts, all ingredients are high qualizy. One of my friends had the pâté lorrain (local pastry with minced meat and other stuffs inside) and the other one a tartine, kind of oven toasted slice of bread with cheese, ham and salad. For dessert, I had the mirabelle gratin and a friend a small selection of their desserts, mini sized. We were all very satisfied, food is very tasty and prices not high.

IMG_3836 IMG_3837

IMG_3839 IMG_3840

IMG_3842 IMG_3844



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Deli’Meat, Thionville, France

delimeat (1)While visiting my home region, I went for a night out in Thionville with a friend and knowing I’m a huge meat lover he took me to Deli’Meat, a very nice restaurant.
The terrace was very nice, it’s inside a courtyard in the pedestrian zone, so no car traffic at all, they’re specialized in meat cooked on stone (cook yourself) and have some fancy meats like kanguru and zebra. All meats can also be ordered cooked on the grill (by the cook). I first had the local cold cut plate, it was excellent! For the main, I wasn’t in the mood for a fancy meat so I had a beef skewer, very tasty. Cooked as I wished, very tender, great, along with nice roasted potatoes. My friend had a grilled beef filet and was also happy with it, he comes here often and really likes the place. For dessert, I had a nice chocolat fondant and an “arranged” rhum with violet flavour, quite nice. The staff was super friendly and the prices are quite ok. So, this place is a very good choice for meat lovers in Thionville.


delimeat (2) delimeat (3)

delimeat (4) delimeat (5)

delimeat (6)

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La Cave des Trappistes, Metz, France

cave-des-trappistes-la-metz-1346158824I went there for lunch with my parents while we were walking around close to the market, the place is not very big and it can be recommanded to book in advance. Luckily, we could get the last not reserved table.
I had first the terrine which was quite tasty, for the main course, my parents had the poultry dish with potatoe gratin and were both quite happy with it. I had a very nice entrecote with fries, nothing mind blowing but the meat tasted good and was cooked as I wish. The apple pie for dessert was also not bad at all. Staff is quite nice, service good and fair prices.
All in all, a nice restaurant.

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Seasons Bistro, Budapest, Hungary

IMG_3704I was looking for a place for a nice dinner on the busy square Liszt Ferenc tér and was attracted by Seasons, it stood a bit away from the pack, looked lovely, was quiet, nice jazz music, menu looked interesting, so I gave it a try.
The staff is extremely friendly, very caring and checking often (but not too often) that everything was ok.
I sat on their lovely terrace and after sipping a nice Cosmopolitan, I had a tasty goose liver in a lovely presentation (in a jar). Then, I could enjoy a nice Argentinian steak, cooked as wished, with some oven baked potatoes. At the end of my dinner, I had a complementary Barack pálinka, Hungarian apricot schnaps, quite good as well. Nice gesture.
The prices seem to be above the general average but the food is of quality.


IMG_3703 IMG_3705

IMG_3706 IMG_3709

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Menza, Budapest, Hungary

IMG_3576I went to Menza on the recommendation of a friend who used to live in Budapest and goes back often.
Great staff, extremely friendly. They have a small selection of nice cocktails, perfect to relax after a day of sightseeing.
Tasty food too, I had the duck liver pate, very creamy, great. I then had a delicious duck breast on a tasty potatoe gratin, amazing. Had a also a nice cocktail and delicious hot chocolate cake.
Price is also very good. Great place.


IMG_3575 IMG_3577



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San Lorenzo, Metz, France

IMG_2556This nice Italian restaurant is conveniently located in the city center of Metz.
I went to San Lorenzo a couple of years ago and remember tasty pizzas. I went back recently and it was quite nice. Friendly staff, service quite quick, I had the beef carpaccio with foie gras and fries, it was very nice, although the bread served isn’t the best to go with foie gras. For dessert, I had home made profiteroles, they were excellent. My friend had salmon pasta and amarena ice cream cup and was happy about it.
The prices are ok.



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L’Assiette au Boeuf, Metz, France

boeuf1I went for a “late” dinner to L’Assiette au Boeuf (after 9 pm on a Sunday night in Metz can be sonsidered late), and I soon came to the conclusion it was a good idea. The spot by the river Moselle is very nice, the menu is limited: mainly beef (hence the name) and some fish as well, but with such a name, you know what you’re getting. It litterally means “Beef Plate”.
The very friendly staff brings you the cut meat cooked as you wished on a plate and french fries are as much as you want served in your plate.
The beef is very tasty and the fries good, a very good place indeed!

boeuf2 bouef3