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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Eis Bar, ice creams by Eberswalder

oAnother place I like to go for an ice cream when I’m hanging out by U Eberswalder Straße is Eis Bar on Kastanienallee. It’s a small ice cream booth with just a bench in front of it to sit. It’s not too expensive (€1.20 a scoop), the offer is pretty wide (there is a 2nd windowcase hidden, flavours are listed next to the front windowcase). They have both classical and original flavours. I really love their fruity ice creams, the taste really explodes in your mouth, it’s amazing. The staff is also very friendly, really a nice place.


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Hokey Pokey, tasty ice creams in Prenzlauer Berg

Hokey Pokey c7Hokey Pokey is a very nice ice cream place on Stargarder Straße. When I’m dining out in the area, I happen sometimes not to have dessert where I’m first eating, but go for an ice cream afterwards. It very often happens after a cheesy diner at La Käserie since they don’t have desserts at all.

This ice cream bar is quite small but there are still some seats to sit inside or outside. The staff is very friendly and the ice cream very tasty, although a bit expensive (€1.60 a scoop). They have a wide offer, with some original tastes, like brownie or with meringue bits for example. One of my fave flavour is “French chocolate”, made of Valrhona chocolate 70%, with some chunks in it. Their fruit ice creams are also a hit, it’s like biting in the fruit itself. Really a nice place.

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Kauf Dich Glücklich

IMG_2540Some time ago, a friend took me to a very nice place in Prenzlauer Berg. Close to U Eberswalder Straße, on Oderbergerstr., you can find the small café Kauf Dich Glücklich, kinda means Buy your hapiness.

They serve ice creams, waffles, crepes (but not on week-ends), hot and cold drinks and cocktails. The place is very cosy, the staff extremely friendly. I had a waffle with hot raspberries and ice cream which was excellent. Also had a kind of caipirinha, but with white rhum since they were out of cachaça. It was still quite nice.

Very cool atmosphere, nice music, I really liked this place and will for sure go back.