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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Bunsmobile, Burgers on Wheels

bun1Bunsmobile is definetely one of the best burgers in Berlin, along with The Bird, it’s hard to choose between the 2. It’s a food truck, so you have to follow their Facebook page to know where they are, they are often at the Street Food Thursday at the Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg or at Urban Spree in Friedrichshain and at lots of other events around the city (but mostly the Eastern part).

The staff is friendly, here no number when you order, you’ll be asked for your name. The menu changes often but I can tell you the cheeseburger (with extra bacon) and the Raclette burger are delicious, my favorites! Thy don’t serve fries but roasted potatoes which are also great. Everything is home made, even the buns, the meat is really tasty, everything fresh, a real party for your taste buds. So I can highly recommand you look for the yellowish-greenisch truck and get a one way ticket to Burger paradise!



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Jolesh, a bit of Austria in Kreuzberg

joleshI went to Jolesh a long time ago but never made it back, there are so many places to try in Berlin, sometimes it’s not that easy to go back to some places.

This is a cosy Austrian restaurant close to Görli and Schlesi, prices are a bit high for Kreuzberg but it’s no rip off. The service is ok, nothing exceptionnal though. But the food was really tasty, I had a very big and thin calf Schnitzel, it normally goes with a potatoes salad but they agreed to serve me roasted potatoes instead. I did not try the deserts since there was nothing to my taste (I’m very picky) and they did not have ices available anymore, but some of the guests loved the Kaiserschmarn, this kind of destroyed crepe with raisins, almond and sugar and stuff. All in all, quite good quality.

UPDATE JUNE 2014: They also have a food truck where they serve their delicious schnitzel and more. I tried it very recently and it’s also great. More infos about the food truck here.