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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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El Borriquito, a bit of Spain in Berlin

borriquito (2)El Borriquito is a Spanish restaurant located in Charlottenburg, close to Savigny Platz.

We went there for a birthday dinner. Although we had booked a table, we still had to wait a bit before getting seated, they seemed a bit confused, the place is nicely decorated, it was packed so it was hard to move around and it was pretty hot, so don’t wear clothes too warm. The staff was very friendly, the menu was really interesting. We first had a complementary kind of rosé wine glass and a plate with a sort of vegetable/fish salad and some chorizo with bread.

borriquito (1)The portions are huge, almost none of us got to finish their plates, the tapas plate for 1 person could feed 2 and is mainly fish. I had a plate of Spanish ham which was very nice. I also had a tortilla, for me, if you say Spanish tortilla with no other mentions, it’s “just” a kind of potatoe omelett, but I was disappointed to see they put vegetables in it, so I could not eat it. That was the 1st time I had a tortilla with vegetables so I guess they should mention it on the menu.

Otherwise it was overall a nice dinner experience, prices are quite low for the quantity and quality you get.

borriquito (3) borriquito (4)

borriquito (5) borriquito (6)

borriquito (7) borriquito (8)


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Belmondo, high class French cuisine in Charlottenburg

belmondo (8)I have heard a lot of good things about Belmondo (located between Savigny Platz and Ernst-Reuter-Platz) and finally went to try it for myself. Though it is the most expensive meal I had in Berlin, it is probably also the best I ever had. It was worth every cent.
The staff is very friendly and welcomes you friendly, the atmosphere is very nice and the decoration quite interesting.

The menu is hard to choose from, so many interesting items. I first had the home made foie gras, it was delicious, you can really taste it was home made, a real delight. For main, I chose the tournedos in parmesan crust, cooked rare as I asked, very tender meat, excellent piece of beef. For dessert, the chocolate duo, the white chocolate mousse is quite good and the chocolate fondant is to die for! Wonderful! All the guests were happy, hot foie gras, onion soup, fish soup, fish dish, lamb,… We were all satisfied!

The service was reasonably timed considering there were 2 big groups, it all did not only taste good but looked good as well. A lot of profesionnalism that made this dinner an unforgetable experience.

belmondo (1) belmondo (2)

belmondo (3) belmondo (4)

belmondo (5) belmondo (6)

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Schlossgarten, German diner by the castle

schlossgarten (3)On a beautiful summer evening, we went for a nice dinner in Schlossgarten, a German restaurant close to Schloss Charlottenburg. We could sit on the lovely terrace, it’s on a side street and vegetals separate you from the street so you’re not bothered by the traffic.

The staff is very friendly, the service quite quick and the food very tasty. We both had the venison sausage and meatball with cabages and mashed potatoes, it was very interesting. They are specialised in venison and some other dishes looked really apetizing, we defenetely have to go back.

For desserts, I had some icecream with a brownie and my friend a raspberry cake, it was good but nothing exciting honestly, so don’t go there for dessert but for the mains which are really a hit.

schlossgarten (4) schlossgarten (1)

schlossgarten (5)

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Rosati, great Italian by the Deutsche Oper

IMG_2467I went to Rosati because it was conveniently located opposite of Deutsche Oper and I was about to see an opera.
The place is very charming, the friendly staff welcomes you warmly in Italian. We only tried the pizzas even if the whole menu seemed to be very interesting. Waiting time was totally ok, and the pizza is a real italian pizza, very tasty with thin crust. A delight!

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Daitokai, a Japanese show in Europa Center

daitokai1I’ve been wanting to try Japanese cuisine for some time now, not liking fish, it’s not that easy since most of places only serve sushis. So I looked up and found about Daitokai in the Europa Center in Charlottenburg.

The place is lovely, exclusively Japanese staff, a small pond inside, all tables have a cooking area, since most of the dishes are cooked directly at your table, a cook comes and cooks in front of you. a real show!

The staff is very friendly, the waitresses are wearing kimonos, sometimes communication is complicated, some of the cooks speak broken German, so when the guests also speak broken German, it can be funny. 🙂 I had a Japanese cocktail with sake, cointreau and vodka, was quite nice.

I had a Teppan-Yaki for starter, I chose Toriyaki, chicken with teriyaki sauce. When the cook arrives, he presents us the ingredients and start grilling, When the meat is done, he cuts it (since you have only chopsticks that’s better) and then cooks the sauce on the cooking area. Really something interesting to observe.

For the main course I had some beef, perfectly cooked, really tasty, tender, delicious! Some of my friends had one the plate with sea food and hummers, they loved it. You get also grilled vegetables and a bowl of sticky rice. We all loved our food.

daitokai2For the dessert, it can also become a fire show. I was full so I did not get one, but some of my friends had some flambé ice and crepes, before putting the alcohol on fire, the cook switches the light off  above the table and draws a fire heart. Really impressive moves as well.

The prices are quite high, but for the quality of the food and the fact you get your own cook, it’s really worth it. An excellent spot!


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Hamburger Mary’s, a unique experience

mary1I once saw on FB an add for Hamburger Mary’s, a nice burger picture, so I had a look at reviews, sounded great, so I quickly booked a table. All I knew about this place was it was the restaurant of an hotel close to U Wittenberg Platz. The place is very colorful, rainbow colors, friendly staff, nice cocktails. As we were looking at the menu for the burgers, someone saw something I did not see: on Friday and Saturday evenings, at 21:00, there’s a drag show. I personnally don’t mind, I actually had never seen one and was quite curious about it.

First the burgers, all of them can be with beef or veggie pattie. I had the Black and Bleu Boy, with bacon and blue cheese, really tasty, the fries were also good. I had a brownie sunday for dessert, also great.

Shortly before the show, the drag queens went to greet the guests, they asked us which language was for us better, German or English, and if we were gay, they were surprise to have a table of 10 straight people… That’s when we were told it was a gay hotel. So as the only straight table, of course they had to choose some of us to volunteer for the sgow. Was really funny indeed!


mary2 mary3



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Brunch at Bleibtreu

bleibtreuI once went for Brunch on a Saturday morning at Café Bleibtreu in Charlottenburg. It took me about 1 hour to get there and it was worth it. For about 9€ you get access to the buffet that includes orange and apple juice. The buffet is nice and kinda tradittional, eggs, pastas, charcuterie, cheeses, cereals, dessert,… There’s a terrace on the sidewalk but since it’s not a passing street, it can be nice. The Brunch is available on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.