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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Schiller Burger

schiller (2)After hearing so often about Schiller Burger I finally went and am happy I did. They have several locations and we went to the one in Herrfurthstraße in Neukölln (station Bodinstraße with the U8). The place is small but apparently you can take away and eat it at the Schiller Café just next to it.

The menu is kinda hard to choose from, it’s also possible to get it a bit customized. The bun is home made in their bakery and very tasty, the beef is really good, all the ingredients are fresh and delicious. I loved this burger! I also tried their sweet potatoe fries, excellent as well. It’s a bit expensive but still worth it considering the quality.

The staff is also very friendly and have vegan and veggy options.

schiller (1)


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Burger Dream

burgerdream1Another place from which I like to order burgers from is Burger Dream, in P-Berg. I pass by the restaurant sometimes with the tram and they do have some space to eat on the spot.

You can build your own burger, ingredients are tasty, the meat is good, the delivery time usually good and friendly delivery people. Fries arrive still hot and crispy, something not all delivery services are able to do. A nice option when I’m craving a burger but don’t wanna moove my butt outside. :-p




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Molly’s Grill, Poznan, Poland

mollyI stumbled kinda by chance on Molly’s grill, as I was walking around Poznan, it’s located very close to the big shoppig street.

I had no exptectations and my mind was blown away.
First, the service was extremly friendly, then the burger, when I saw it I wondered how I’d be able to eat all of this, I loved the presentations of the French fries in this big cup.
When I had my first bite I was astonished, a real culinary orgasm, the bread, the sauce and especially the beff, it’s so tasty!
It was really the best burger I ever had!

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Magic Burger

magicI’ve never been to Magic Burger but I often order there for delivery. They’re in P-Berg, I don’t know if you can eat in but you might be able to take away. So when I’m at home and craving a burger, I usually go for them. What I like is that you can create your own burger or your own wrap. The burgers are wonderful, very tasty, the wraps are great too. It’s usually quite quick to get it, it arrives hot and the fries crispy (not salted beforehand). Delivery guys are usually very friendly. The prices are really fair. A great choice!

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87352011_oSince my arrival in Berlin 3 and a half years ago, I’ve been hearing about Burgermeister. Bürgermeister means Mayor, another Burger place who loves those Burger/Bürger puns, I have to say, I like them too! 🙂

I’ve been told that they did the best burgers in Berlin, and while I’m working very close to it, I went for the first time only last summer with high expectations.

It’s located under the U Bahn bridge opposite to Schlesishes Tor station in what used to be public toilets. There’s no inside, almost no sitting, a few high tables next to it. You first order and pay and they give you a number. When they called me and gave me my BBQ burger and my cheese fries I was ready to have my mind blown away. But it did not happen. I did have a tasty burger, but I have to say, to me that’s far from being the best burgers in Berlin. I do go back there once in a while, I like it there, that’s for sure good food. It’s just that when you went to The Bird or Bunsmobile, for example, they clearly don’t play in the same league.

The cheese fries were really delicious, a friend had the chili-cheese fries and she loved them. It’s definetely worth a visit as well, there are few green zones and parks where you can enjoy your burgers in the area. And I mean, a Burger place in former toilets, that’s so Berlin! 😉