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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Osteria del Bivio, Schuttrange, Luxemburg

Osteria del Bivio is an Italian restaurant in Schuttrange, close to Luxemburg airport. While visiting a friend in a nearby village, we went there for dinner. The restaurant itself is very cute, really nice stone walls. Service is good, friendly staff, we felt warmly welcomed.
My friend told me their cordons bleus are amazing but we all had pizzas. And they were great, this is real Italian pizza, good ingredients, thin crust, loved it. For dessert I had the moelleux au chocolat with melty heart and really tasty vanilla icecream, wonderful. Prices are ok. Would definetely be up to go back on my next visit in Luxemburg.


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Beef Bar Junior, Luxemburg

beefbar (1)I am currently visiting my relatives in France, about 10 days ago I landed in Luxemburg, having some friends working there I met one of them for lunch. We went to the Beef Bar Junior, located in the shopping mall Auchan on the Kirchberg in Luxemburg City.

As its name suggests it, it’s specialised in beef. It’s not very big so be sure to book, it’s cosy and the staff is quite friendly. They have some lunch specials as well as à la carte menu. I went for one of their lunch specials and had the Beef-Grill plate: 450g of beef (3 pieces of black Angus) and corn fries. It also comes with a salad and a glass of wine (that I changed into water ^^). The service was quite quick and the beef was perfectly cooked, rare just I asked it. The meat is tender and full of taste, excellent. The corn fries are also quite nice.

As for the prices, it can seem expensive, but well worth the quality!

beefbar (2)

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La Mia Terra, Foetz, Luxemburg

5315ecf160d3fEverytime I go to France, I fly either to Saarbrücken or Luxemburg, my parents pick me up and we usually go eat somewhere and do some shopping in the area.

For Christmas, I flew to Luxemburg and we went directly to Foetz to have a nice lunch before doing some shopping.

My parents really like La Mia Terra and go there almost everytime they’re in Foetz. I had a beef filet with a 4 cheeses sauce, delicious, the meat was tender and perfectly cooked. Fries were nice too, meat comes with salad and vegetable too. Pizzas look pretty nice and are indeed great according to my mom, all fish and meats are tasty. For dessert, I had profiteroles, too much but sooooo good.
Staff is very friendly and service not too long, nice atmosphere.

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Kimchi, Strassen, Luxembourg

kimchi3Kimchi offers both Corean and Japanese food and is worth a visit. Staff is extremly friendly and you feel warmly welcome. I got to try some of skewers, very tasty, especially the beef/cheese ones. The corean BBQ is also very good, tasty meat you grill on the table. My friends also had sushis and sashimis and were delighted. The prices are really fair, especially for the quality you get.

It was my very 1st time for Korean and Japanese food, I did not try sushis since I don’t like fish, but I was really positively surprised!


kimchi1 kimchi2 kimchi4 kimchi5