Around Berlin in 80 Restaurants

My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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L’Omelette, Québec, Canada

IMG_4674I went to L’Omelette (in the old town) with a friend while we were visiting Québec, on a Sunday night, the place was quite empty. The staff was really super friendly. Well we were asked if we were on a honeymoon and told we looked in love when we answered we were just friends. THAT was awkward. 😀

The menu looked interesting and decent prices (at least for Québec which is super expensive). We were warmly welcomed and quickly served. The food was tasty, nothing mindblowing but nothing to complain about either. Well, my friend could have just complained about the bacon in his pea soup, it was not written on the menu and he doesn’t eat meat. But other than that, nice, my beef was cooked as wished. Nice place.

IMG_4672 IMG_4673 IMG_4675 IMG_4676


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Restaurant 1640, Québec, Canada

IMG_45891640 is a lovely restaurant in the old town, just opposite to the Frontenac castle, which can offer a nice view if you seat next to the windows. I guess they might have a terrasse in the summer.

I went there twice for breakfast during my stay in Québec. The place is very cosy with a nice and sober decoration. The staff is super friendly and the breakfast menu quite appealling. I tried their brunch plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sausages, potatoes, toasts and a cupcake. Really really tasty. The 2nd time, I had almost the same thing but in smaller size.


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La Bûche, Québec, Canada

IMG_4578As I was walking around Québec I passed by the restaurant La Bûche and saw a sign announcing hockey nights, I wanted to watch the Habs game the same night so I had a look at the menu that looked interesting and came back later for dinner.

The staff is extremely friendly, the place is really cute, very nice place. The menu is very appetizing, kinda hard to choose from. I loved their maple mojito. I went twice there, I tried the tourtière and the poutine (with an enormous slice of bacon), it was very tasty, couldn’t try the desserts though, the mains got me full.

IMG_4124 IMG_4126 IMG_4127 IMG_4128

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Pub d’Orsay, Québec, Canada

IMG_4045I arrived in the afternoon in Québec city and was starving, but lots of places were already closed after lunch time. I ended up at the restaurant Pub d’Orsay. It was empty at 15:00 but I passed by a couple of times later and it seemed to be full all the time.

The staff was friendly, the service quite quick. I had a very tasty steak, cooked as I wished. I also had a very nice cocktail. Very nice experience. I guess they might show the hockey games too since the Québec sport channel was on when I was there.



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Le Pain Béni, Québec, Canada

IMG_20151211_093601During my recent stay in Québec city, I went to Le Pain Béni for breakfast as I got discount from my hotel.

The staff is extremely friendly, the athmosphere is cosy. The breakfast menu is quite interesting with both sweet and savory.

I had the scrambled eggs with bacon and feta. Tasty eggs, crispy bacon, good cheese, nice roasted potatoes and 4 big toasts. I was totally full afterwards. A good meal to start a day.