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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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La Buvette, P-Berg

A few weeks back, I read about a French place I did not know yet, La Buvette, and since it looked nice I took a bunch of friends and we went there for dinner. It’s located in Prenzlauer Berg, close to S+U Schönhauser Allee. Wine lovers really enjoyed their “poison” and the whole experience was nice.
Cosy place, friendly staff and good food. I had the rumpsteak, it comes with a nice mustardy creamy sauce and tasty home made French fries: it was absolutely delicious and so was the moeulleux au chocolat (lava cake), salads and quiches and cassoulet and duck were also quite good according to the other guests (even if the Quiche Lorraine is not authentic, they put cheese in it, but there is no cheese in the real original traditionnal one).
Prices are ok, all in all a fantastic evening, we shall come back



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Villa Rodizio

IMG_1026I had often heard about the Brazilian BBQ and always wanted to try it out. Then, I saw an ad for Villa Rodizio in Prenzlauer Berg which had mostly good reviews. Some revierwers pointed it it wasn’t authentical Brazilian Rodizio but still was good.

So as a meat lover, I got the Rodizio formula. For 25€, you get unlimited access to buffet and 10 meats, 1 being a surprise. The buffet is nice if you like salads and vegetable, so little option for me, but I was there for the meat. By the way, they have a all-you-can-eat formula for the buffet for 10€. I tried most of the meats, all IMG_1028delicious, the waiter comes with the meat on a spike and cut it at the table. I passed the lamb and the chorizo. The surprised meat was chicken heart, I also passed. For dessert, there was hot banana with chocolate as well as flambed grilled ananas. It was a very nice experience!

They also serve Argentinian steaks and Mexican food that seemed pretty tasty as well.

Service is very nice, friendly staff, nice terrace, really a good adress.


IMG_1029 IMG_1027 IMG_1030 IMG_1031 IMG_1032 IMG_1033 IMG_1034 IMG_1037 IMG_1038


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La Maison de l’Entrecôte

entrecoteA couple of times, while I was on the tram going to or from Alexander Platz I saw a big white plastic cow on the sidewalk, it seemed to belong to a restaurant called La Maison de l’Entrecôte, so I checked it up, it’s a steakhouse in the Indigo hotel and had good reviews, so I felt I just had to give it a try.

The place is somewhat classy, modern design but friendly staff and warm welcome. The menu is quite simple: beef entrecote and beef entrecote, oh and also beef entrecote! ^^ Different cuts with sexist names, lady’s cut, standard cut and gentlemen cut, 200 to 400 grams. As a lady, I chose the gentlemen of course!

entrecote2They serve you a bowl of fries for all guests, each one gets a little saucer with a special sauce I personnaly did not like (I was the only one not to like it) and the waiters bring a big plate with all steaks and lay them in your plate.

The meat is excellent, so tasty and tender, cooked correctly as you wished, the fries are also tasty. Its quite pricey but for such a quality, it’s really worth it. An excellent spot for steak lovers.

They have  extended the menu since my last visit, not only steaks anymore, even one or two vegetarian dishes, but I guess next time I go there, I’ll still stick to the steaks! 😉

entrecote6 entrecote5 entrecote4 entrecote3

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Maredo Unter den Linden

I tend to be a bit skeptik towards franchises restaurants in touristical areas, but according to the reviews, the Maredo on Unter den Linden, close to the Brandeburg Tor, is one of the best of the chain in Berlin.

I went there with my parents last time they visited me, it’s just next to the ZDF studios, there’s a nice inner court under a glass roof. My mum loved the salad buffet and the poultry that was very well cook, not too dry.

My dad and I had a very good steak rare cooked and served on a hot stone, so it was kinda still grilling as it was served. They gave us big bibs to protect ourselves from the grease on which it was wriiten something like “bibs are nice, they protect you from the grease, well unfortunately, only your clothes.” The steaks were very tasty and tender, delicious, the fries very crispy. My father also had some gambas with his steak and loved them.

It was a very nice dinner without having to spend too much money, the service was good, the menu is in several languages, friendly staff.

The only 2 bad things: too much salt in the margarita and what they called bearnaise sauce was not really one, but other than that, great!

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Maredo at Ku’damm

maredoMaredo is a Steakhouse franchise you can find all around Germany and it has a couple branches in Berlin. The one on Ku’damm is not bad at all. I went once or twice before going to the movies at the French cinema nearby.

The lay out is like in all branches, the menu as well, the good thing is that you can go there even if you don’t like steaks, they have a big salad bar and offer a “all you can eat” formula for it. Of course (yes I’m a big meat lover), I tried some steak, it was wonderful, very tender, cooked as I asked (I like it rare but sometimes you get it medium or almost raw instead). The quality was very good.

The service was lovely, with a thank you note in German for me and in English for my friend who did not speak German along with the bill. I found it was a very nice gesture. Plus, the prices are quite fair, not too expensive.

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Asador, steakhouse in Kreuzberg

65533340_pAsador is the 1st steakhouse I visited in Berlin, I went there on a date a couple of years ago, I went back only once since (too few meat lovers around me) but it still gets great reviews.

They cook Argentinian beef and they cook it good, they also have fish and salad options. By good weather, the terrasse is very nice, I actually never ate inside. The beef is grilled as you wish, it’s very tasty, the service is pretty good, the staff friendly and professionnal. Price range is cheap for a steakhouse of that quality.