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Cocktails at Salut! bar

I had heard so many good stuffs about Salut! in Schöneberg that I had to go see it for myself. The place is really nice, very original and cozy decoration, very friendly staff. The menu is really original, I had the March cocktail without the chick peas and it was delicious! Very refreshing. They also can make about anything you might want, I had a Cosmopolitan after that, they nailed it of course. The only bad thing is that it’s a smoking bar and you tend to smell it a lot.



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Due Emigranti, a flair of Italy in Schöneberg

emigranti3I recently went a lot for diner and drinks to Schöneberg, and another place I discovered is Due Emigranti, a great Italian restaurant close to U Eisenacher Str.

This is a really nice place and sounds authentic, they serve lots of Sardinian specialty which I was happy about since I loved the food when visiting the island. The staff is Italian, super friendly, the menu is hard to choose from. We all had pasta, I had the Sardinian gnocchi with Sardinian saussage, tomatoe sauce and pecorino, absolutely delicious, the gnocchi look like worms but they’re not 😀 The carpaccio was also a hit. My friends had the ravioli, one with the cinammon-tomatoe sauce and was happy. Another one had the mixed starter plate, it’s huge, either to share or as a main. None of us tried the pizza, but seeing them on other tables they looked and smelled pretty nice. Prices are ok, excellent place.

emigranti2 emigranti4


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Mister Hu, great cocktails in Schöneberg

misterhuMister Hu is a cocktail bar in Schöneberg, located between U Nollendorfer Platz and U Eisenacher Straße.

On a nice summer evening we sat on their terrasse with a friend. The friendly waiter served us some water right away and then it got complicated: so much choice, I ended up having a Dirty Hary, with rhum, apple juice, mapple sirup. It was very fresh and sweet and tasty, but quite strong. The cocktail my friend had with vanilla vodka and mint was also nice, the menu is very appealing and I’ll for sure go back.

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Berlin Burrito Company (Schöneberg)

burritoA friend took me to the Berlin Burrito Company in Schöneberg (close to U Nollendorf Platz) promising the best burritos in Berlin and she was right, it was the best I had here so far.
The ingredients are fresh and tasty, the staff is super friendly, prices are more than fair, you can build your own burrito, burrito bowl or quesadilla, choose it mild or spicy or hot. They also have vegan options (but I did not try since I a meat lover).
Really good place!

PS: The picture comes from their Facebook page and they kindly authorized me to use it.

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Renger-Patzsch, good German-Alsatian restaurant in Shöneberg

patzsch (4)I went to Renger-Patzsch with a bunch of friends on the recommandation of another friend. The place is very nice and the staff really friendly. The menu is quite interesting. I had the Flammkuchen with cheese and it was quite good, but the fact it was cut in squares made it hard to eat, traditionnally Flammkuchen are to be eaten with hands, so stripes would have been better. I had hesitated with the duck breast on risotto, a friend had it, she loved it, and I could see from its color it seemed perfectly cooked. Another dish I wanted to try was the Choucroute/Sauerkraut, the one who had it was verry happy about it. For dessert, I had a very nice chocolate mousse.
Everyone of us was satisfied with their food and we’ll go back for sure!

patzsch (1) patzsch (3)

patzsch (5) patzsch (6)

patzsch (7)

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Rhum & Cheese tasting in Schöneberg

IMG_4993About every two months, in the Schöneberg rhum shop Rum Depot, takes place a special evening combining two of the best things in the world: rhum and cheese. The boss of Rum Depot and the boss of Blomeyer’s Käse (German cheese shop in Charlottenburg) get together to offer delicious pairings.

The tasting takes place in the rhum bar next door to the shop, a small group gathers around the table, bread and water are available to cleanse your palate. The masters of the evening presents you their product with passion, explaining what they are and telling the story of their creation. Very interresting facts indeed. The pairings are excellent, you can really feel how the taste of the cheese can be different in your mouth, depending if you drank the rhum before or after.

IMG_4995We first got 5 rhums with their matching cheese, previously selected by the hosts, then comes a wild card. Mr. Rhum has Mr. Cheese choose randomly a rhum, Mr. Cheese sniffes it and chooses one of his cheeses. The result was quite good. We even got a 7th rhum with a not so good matching cheese.

It was a delightful evening, high quality products. I went home with a bottle of rhum and plan to pay Mr. Cheese a visit in his shop. And very important too: if you go, do not forget to eat before hand, in order not to get drunk.

Rum Depot also organizes regular rhum tastings as well as rhum & chocolate and rhum & cigars. I suppose it’s as professionnally organized as the one I went to so I could definetely recommand to try one of their tastings.

IMG_4996 IMG_4997 IMG_4998 IMG_5000 IMG_5001 IMG_5002 IMG_5004 IMG_5005

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La Cantine d’Augusta, French cheese and charcuterie paradise in Schöneberg

augusta (3)I have been wanting to go to La Cantine d’Augusta for ages. I often saw the photos of their plates on FB and it was really mouthwatering, so I went there to try. They’re located in Schöneberg, very close to U Kleistpark or S Julius Leber Brücke. The staff is very friendly, the place is small so it can be recommanded to book, it’s an hybrid between shop and restaurant, it’s quite cosy. They sell French products (mainly cheeses, charcuterie and wines) but you can also eat on the spot. They have few hot dishes, but I went for a cheese and charcuterie plate, it was delicious, high quality products. Their raclette is also a hit. Their desserts are to die for too, I had an apricot-chocolate pie, sooooo good.
The hard thing there is to choose! I def wanna go back to try their brunch too and for some shopping.

augusta (1) augusta (2)

augusta (4) augusta (5)

augusta (6)