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Georgian food at Restaurani Tbilisi

tblisi2Restaurani Tbilisi is a Georgian restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg that I discovered a couple of weeks ago.

This was my very first time in a Georgian restaurant, so it was a very nice discovery.
The staff is super friendly but unfortunately the service was really chaotic, barely profesional. First, they had forgotten about our reservation, they still managed to find us a table and extra chairs, so we could all seat and enjoy.
There were lots of mix-ups with the orders, some plates got put on the table without any word, some dishes we did not order were brought to the table and the time some got their food, some of us had already finished. But at least it was entertaining.

About the food, this was to the contrary very professionnal, the cooks do know what they’re doing. I first had the small chachapuris, crispy dumplings with Georgian cheese, simple but very tasty. Everyone liked their starters, the other kind of chachapuri with tblisi3cheese and egg, the soup, the chicken salat, the aubergines,… For main, I had the mzwadi, marinated meat cooked on a spike, I got the chicken and it was excellent, the chicken was tasty, tender, barely needed a knife to cut it and it was not dry, I was really deligthed. Others got the same with salmon or lamb and all liked it.

I would def go back, mainly for the food, the staff was still very friendly, just a chaotic service, no rudeness or such, so it’s still a positive experience for me.


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