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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Fairytale Bar: Follow the White Rabbit…

… and enter a world of wonders!

Fairytale Bar is a marvelous cocktail bar in Friedrichshain. The place is hidden in a residency area close to Vollkspark Friedrichshain and is a true jewel. The theme is obviously fairy tales, with the waitress dressed as a french maid, cute decoration, the menu itself brings a few surprises and offers some very creative cocktails, but they can of course make most of the classics. Really worth a visit.




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Aguevo, decent Mexican in Friedrischain

aguevo (1)Aguevo is a Mexican restaurant in Friedrischain, close to Boxi. I had heard mixed opinions about this place, so I went to see by myself. The staff is quite friendly, we had booked a table and they had prepared a lovely table with tortilla chips and sauce, the margaritas are great, the food is good but nothing special, nothing exciting and a bit overpriced I think. I had a fried quesadilla with beef, not very spicy, we all tried different dishes and all had the same opinion, some of us regretted the lack of spice.
It can be nice to go there if you’re around but I wouldn’t travel too long to get there.

aguevo (2) aguevo (3)

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Helga, breakfast and more

IMG_20160306_112428Helga is a small café in Friedrischain on Straßmannstraße (M10 tram station of the same name or S Landsberger Allee). It’s quiet and cosy and the staff is very friendly. I really like to go there sometimes for breakfast or lunch. The breakfast offer is great, scrambled eggs (love the ones with bergkäse), bagels, cheese/ham plates, croissants,… And for lunch, I really love their käse spätzle, the cheese they use is delicious. I am also a big fan of their hot chocolate. It’s perfect to start the day or do a nice lunch break, I’m sure it might also be nice in the evening.


Helga1 IMG_20160306_112435

helga2 helga3 IMG_20160306_112452

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Market at Boxhagener Platz

boxi (2)Another nice market in Berlin is the one on Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain. It’s open very Saturday from 09:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Apart from the traditionnal vegetables, fruits, meat, cold cuts and fish vendors, there are many interesting stalls. Like for instance a cheese vendor I spotted a while ago at the Cheese Market, or a French salami stalls that I already knew, they have a wide range of tastes (walnut, with cheese, donkey, deer, with herbs,… ) and it’s very tasty. There is also a wide range of potatoes, you have a very big choice for this, quite amazing. I also saw a fresh pasta vendor, but have not tried her goods yet, last time I went I arrived too late, her stock was almost empty.

You can also eat on the spot, there are several options, cakes, burgers, veggi stuffs, kebabs, and so on… There is a nice atmosphere and sometimes a good smell too.

boxi (3) boxi (4)


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Speisehaus, German food in Simon-Dach Kiez

speisehaus (2)While looking for a nice German restaurant, Speisehaus came up often and I recently went with friends to try it. It is located in Friedrichshain, near Simon-Dach-Straße and close to the Warschauer Straße station.

The place is nice and cosy, the staff is very friendly and the menu quite hard to choose from. There was so many interesting dishes and I ended up having a veal schnitzel with roasted potatoes and a fried egg. The schnitzel is enormous and very tasty. Some of us had soup, salad, fish, pork stomach,… We were all satisfied. Dessert is good as well, I had a very good brownie with sour cherries, the pancakes and the grütze were also nice according to those who had them.

This is really a nice place, prices are fair, I can really recommand it.


speisehaus (3) speisehaus (4)

speisehaus (5) speisehaus (6)

speisehaus (7) speisehaus (8)

speisehaus (1)

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Warschauer Pakt

warschauer pakt (1)I recently attended a seminar very close to S Warschauer Straße, our “lunch” break was at 11:15 a.m., so I went a couple of times to Warschauer Pakt, a nice café nearby, for a big breakfast.

The staff is very friendly, the place is kinda cosy, I had the breakfast plate with cold cuts and cheese, it was very nice, as well as the Bauernfrühstück (omelett with bacon, potatoes and onions). Their home made cookies are also a hit.

warschauer pakt (2) warschauer pakt (6)

warschauer pakt (5)

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Schoenbrunn, park restaurant in a beautiful setting

schonbrunn (1)By nice weather I like to go to Vollspark Friedrischain and sit at the Schoenbrunn restaurant for a nice meal or drink under the sun. The waiter is extremly friendly, the setting is delightful, in the heart of the big park, the food is good, the prices not too high.

I recently tried their plate with Austrian cheese and cold cuts, it was really tasty and, even though it’s listed in the starters, can be a real meal for one person, after that I wasn’t hungry till diner. They also have a nice breakfast menu available from 10:00 to 14:00. Very hard to choose from.

schonbrunn (2)