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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

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Tommi’s Burger Joint

I had heard a lot about Tommi’s Burger Joint in Mitte, close to Rosenthaler Platz and finally went a few weeks ago. The place has quite an original decoration and a super friendly staff. I had a bacon cheeseburger, it was really tasty, good quality meat and the possibility to add (for free) a few sauces or ingredients like pickles and oignons and such. I also had a milkshake which was super nice. The only negative point is the price, it’s quite expensive, but still worth it.


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Street Angels

angelShortly before Christmas, I discovered a new burger place in Berlin, Street Angels, close to Helmholplatz in P-Berg, well they don’t specialize only in burgers but that was the main reason of our visit.

A friend of mine had a Groupon for this place and we went to try their burger. Service is good, very friendly staff. Food is good, burger meat was a bit too cooked to my taste, I like it more medium rare and it was a bit over medium, so next time I’ll have to ask extra I guess. The cheese was very tasty in the burger, good fries.

I’ll probably go back to try their breakfast.

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Schiller Burger Weißensee

schillerSchiller Burger is for me one of the best burger chains in (and from!) Berlin. I discovered them in Neukölln and was delighted to find them in Weißensee when I moved to the neighboorhood. I might become a regular there.

In this district, they’re located very close to the lake, right by the tram stop Albertinenstr (M4, M13 and 12).
I can’t talk for the veggie options since I’m a beef lover, they use meat of great quality, cooked perfectly, juicy. All ingredients are fresh, the staff is super friendly, the sweet potatoe fries are amazing. It might look expensive, but it’s really worth the price, it’s more than burgers, it’s a party for my taste buds. Really love it. And if Weißensee is too far away, check out one of their other locations.

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Muse, burgers and more

muse (8)I recently went to Muse, a restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg, close to Immanuel Kirche, between Alex and Danziger Straße.

This place came up as I was looking for good burgers in Berlin, so I went with a couple of friends. The restaurant is really cool and the staff is super friendly.

I first had a passion fruit daiquiri that was really nice and had real tasty Spanish tortilla for a starter. Then I had the cheeseburger, it was very tasty, the beef was excellent, very juicy, but the bacon a bit weird. I’m not a big fan of the fact that they are not making the burger themselves, I’d prefer to have my food served ready to eat. They bring a big plate with the bun, the sauce, the toppings and the patty on a pan still frying. It’s original, for sure, but I could do without having to build my own burger. Anyway, it still was a very tasty burger! I had the sweet potatoe fries, they were ok.

Prices are ok too. Nice place all in all, I would go back.

muse (2) muse (3) muse (5)

muse (7) muse (9)

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Schiller Burger

schiller (2)After hearing so often about Schiller Burger I finally went and am happy I did. They have several locations and we went to the one in Herrfurthstraße in Neukölln (station Bodinstraße with the U8). The place is small but apparently you can take away and eat it at the Schiller Café just next to it.

The menu is kinda hard to choose from, it’s also possible to get it a bit customized. The bun is home made in their bakery and very tasty, the beef is really good, all the ingredients are fresh and delicious. I loved this burger! I also tried their sweet potatoe fries, excellent as well. It’s a bit expensive but still worth it considering the quality.

The staff is also very friendly and have vegan and veggy options.

schiller (1)

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Bergendahls, fondues and more

bergendhals (2)By now you might have noticed I LOVE cheese and fondue, so when I saw an advertisement for Bergendahls, a Swiss restaurant specialised in fondues which I didn’t know yet, I HAD to have a closer look. The website makes a good impression, they have few reviews but they’re all good, so why not try it out?

That’s why yesterday, after a 1 hour trip, I sat in this cute Lichterfelde restaurant, hungry, curious and excited. The place is located only a few steps away from the S-Bahn  station Lichterfelde West, you’ll be warmly welcomed, the restaurant is cosy, the atmosphere is very nice, the staff is very friendly, there’s even a space for kids to draw and a fire burns in the center of the room. First impression is positive.

bergendhals (3)I started with a nice rhum cocktail: white rhum, lemon juice, grenadine and sugar. Very nice! Of course, I couldn’t resist the call of the classical cheese fondue! It was very tasty, though a bit thick but still very good. It comes in small individual pots and with a glass of Kirschwasser (cherry spirit), perfect to help digest after the cheese overdose. The other cheese fondues weren’t that appealling to me because of some ingredients I don’t like, but everyone was happy. One of the guest had the burger and it was good, fries being also tasty. I long hesitated to get a dessert, I was very tempted to get the chocolate fondue but I was too full and it would have gone to waste. Some of us did get the other desserts offered and seemed to be quite satisfied.

The service was very good, waiting time was not too long, the prices are a bit high, though not overpriced. All in all a very nice place, the long trip was really worth it!

bergendhals (5) bergendhals (6)

bergendhals (4) bergendhals (7)

bergendhals (8) bergendhals (9)

bergendhals (1)

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The Bird Kreuzberg

IMG_2291I already told you about The Bird, the best burger place in Berlin located in Prenzlauer Berg. They have a 2nd location in Kreuzberg, so I decided to see if it was as good.

On Kottbusser Damm, right at the exit of U Schönleinstraße, this one is much bigger, but you still gotta book, they apply the same success formula as in P-Berg and it’s also a ticket to paradise for your tastebuds.

This time, I tried a new burger, the Patty Melt, with toasted rye bread, excellent as always. Very friendly staff here too.


IMG_2288 IMG_2292