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Auberge de Varize, Varize, France

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IMG_3863Last time I was in France, we went to L’Auberge de Varize for a family dinner. It is located at the exit of a village called Varize, about 20 km East of Metz, on the road towards Boulay and Saarlouis. You need a car to get there but they can also arrange accomodation in the village.

The place is quite cozy, the staff is very friendly and the menu is very interesting. They have very nice formulas for very fair prices, most of us had the Menu Gourmet, with starter, main, cheese and dessert for only €35. I first had the home made foie gras which was excellent, those who had the smoked salmon or the scallops were also satisfied. Then, I chose the beef filet, the meat was very tender, delicious and cooked rare, just IMG_3868as I wished, it went with a nice roquefort sauce and fries. Other guests had kidneys with potatoes, crayfish ravioli or another fish dish, everyone was satisfied. The small cheese plate was very nice, with a munster not too strong. For dessert, I had a Dame Blanche (vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, hot chocolate sauce), it was nice but too big, the crème brûlée, the profiteroles and the Café Gourmand (coffee with mini sized desserts) were also much appreciated.

They also do home made burgers that look very tasty, maybe I’ll try them if we ever go back. They also have a nice menu for kids, little ones can choose between burgers, nuggets or poultry vol au vent with a variety of sides to choose from, plus a choice between different desserts.

All in all, it’s a very nice place where you can eat very good food for a very decent price.

IMG_3865 IMG_3869



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Welcome on Around Berlin in 80 Restaurants, my compilation of good places to eat (and sometimes to drink too) in the German Capital. I am presenting only places I visited and liked, hopefully it could help some people out there looking for a tasty meal. From time to time, I'll share as well recipes and restaurant tips in places I visited.

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