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My recommendations for tasty meals in Berlin

Asteria, free hugs and free ouzo

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Asteria (1)While looking for a Greek restaurant, it soon appeared that Asteria was supposed to be the best Greek restaurant in Berlin, so after reading all those great reviews, we just had to try. It’s located on Schönhauser Allee, a few steps away from the station U Eberswalder Straße. We went on a week-end, Saturday night, the place was full, it’s highly recommended to book a table. When you enter there, you’re very warmly welcomed, we also had live Greek music that night. The waiters are all very friendly, almost hugging you, touching you on the shoulder, wether you’re a man or woman, nothing inappropriate. You get right away shots of ouzo that get refilled all night long. Too bad I don’t drink it (I don’t really like anis). Asteria (6)As for the food, I first had the breaded feta, delicious. I then had an Asteria Plate with Gyros, pork skewer and something I don’t recall the name, pork (?) minced meat with spices from the grill as well. It was huge and delicious, I could not finish it so I asked for a doggy bag, one dish 2 meals. ^^ My friends had the big vegetarian starter plate, they liked it a lot as well. So this place is defenitely worth the visit, it’s a nice experience, prices are ok and the service really excellent and the food delicious. PS: To give credit where it’s due, I’m not the one who came up with the title, it’s the brillant idea of a friend. Thanks M. for the inspiration! 😉   Asteria (2) Asteria (3) Asteria (5) Asteria (4)

Author: yummyberlin

Welcome on Around Berlin in 80 Restaurants, my compilation of good places to eat (and sometimes to drink too) in the German Capital. I am presenting only places I visited and liked, hopefully it could help some people out there looking for a tasty meal. From time to time, I'll share as well recipes and restaurant tips in places I visited.

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