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Chalet Suisse, eating in the woods

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chalet1I twice took a 1 hour ride by tram, metro und bus to Grünewald to have a dinner/lunch at the Chalet Suisse, a nice gourmet Swiss restaurant. When you get off at Königin-Luise-Str./Clayallee bus stop, the way is quite easy to find, there are some signs. But it can look quite gloomy at night, few light, a path in the woods, I was happy that a couple got off the bus at the time as me and I could follow them very close. ^^

As for my first visit, I had heard their fondue was a hit, so as a cheese lover, I gave it a try, with a friend, since you have to be at least 2 for it. First, we had a free amuse-bouche, fish tartare, I don’t like anything coming from the water so I gave it to one of my friends, and everybody loved it.

IMG_0970The fondue was very tasteful but the portion was kinda small and not really worth the price, we had to take an extra portion, too bad, because otherwise it’s really good. All my friends loved their food, the service was very friendly, very nice decoration, kinda classy. It’s also quite expensive but  except maybe for the fondue, it’s worth it.

2nd visit was on a Saturday that was supposed to be sunny, but weather forecast got it a bit wrong, so because of the light rain we had to sit inside. Nonetheless, we had a nice time, very tasty lunch, I had some Bündnerfleisch, Grison, dried beef served cold. Very good! Then I went for a (big) rösti with Tête de moine cheese. Delicious! Schnitzel are huge and were good according to my friend, everyone was happy with their dish.

chalet2 chalet3 chalet4 chalet5 chalet6 chalet 7

IMG_0973 IMG_0971

IMG_0966 IMG_0974




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Welcome on Around Berlin in 80 Restaurants, my compilation of good places to eat (and sometimes to drink too) in the German Capital. I am presenting only places I visited and liked, hopefully it could help some people out there looking for a tasty meal. From time to time, I'll share as well recipes and restaurant tips in places I visited.

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