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Schnitzelei, Schnitzel paradise in Charlottenburg

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schnitzelaiIf you like Schnitzels, you should go to the Schnitzelei, it’s really worth it. Quite classy atmosphere, friendly staff, and almost only Schnitzel on the menu. They also do German tapas but I did not try them.

Only schnitzel? Yes, but not only schwein/calf schnitzel, from other meats as well, not only breaded. They also have vegetarian schnitzel, with cheese for example. The dishes are lovely presented and taste excellent. I really liked to have my lemon piece in a net so that I don’t get the seeds on my meat.

Really nice adress, highly recommanded.




Author: yummyberlin

Welcome on Around Berlin in 80 Restaurants, my compilation of good places to eat (and sometimes to drink too) in the German Capital. I am presenting only places I visited and liked, hopefully it could help some people out there looking for a tasty meal. From time to time, I'll share as well recipes and restaurant tips in places I visited.

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